Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Matching outfits are the most fun!

Both girls continue to do well in the crib. We are so pleased that they have been able to keep their temperatures up. What an accomplishment. They both are taking their bottles very well. They are getting bottle feedings about three times a day and both getting to try to nurse twice a day. This rigorous schedule wears them (and me) out! Renna is getting 35mls and Reagan is getting 33mls every three hours. This large amount of food is certainly helping them grow. Renna hit a landmark tonight, when they weighed her she was 4lbs. 1oz! It seems like a huge hurdle to hit four pounds in the NICU. Reagan is quickly increasing behind her and is 3lbs. 11oz. We are finally starting to see little Reagan's face begin to fill out a little. Our sweet girls are actually getting some meat on their bones! I love being able to change their outfits everyday. What fun to dress up two little precious girls. It is a reminder of how little they are as the preemie outfits are still huge on them. However, I have a feeling they won't be too big on them for long. My favorite part is the matching outfits. The top picture is my new favorite of them together. The next picture is a closeup of Renna (we got to take a quick one without the oxygen canula in), then Renna drinking her bottle, and then a closeup of Reagan. One day I will figure out how to label each picture but for now this is the best I got!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Together at last!

Here are some of the pictures from yesterday and today of the girls in their new crib. Our nurses suprised us with the great news that we could move them out of their isolettes and into a crib together. Both girls are still holding their temperatures up today, so hopefully they will get to stay together.