Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We are on the move...

A little baby wrestling
Daddy and Renna headed out for a walk. See how excited they are!
Getting ready to go out to play.
Cute winter outfits, some clients got these for us and we just love them.

Okay so no they are not crawling, but Renna goes wherever she wants by rolling around and arching her back to do a sort of a backwards crawl thing. It sounds really odd and it is. The developmental specialist said, not many babies do that!! That was her nice way of saying, that is so weird!! Anyways we think it is pretty cute except that she is rubbing all the hair off the back of her little head. And lets be honest my girls don't have much to spare. Renna is developing this pretty thick patch of beautiful blond hair right down the center of her head...just not growing much anywhere else. Reagan is doing great as well but hasn't quite mastered the rolling all over the living room yet. Adam baby proofed a lot of stuff in the living room and I can only imagine how it is going to go once both girls are really on the move. Reagan's hair is getting lighter and lighter as well. She has always been my little dark haired girl but it continues to get lighter. At least hers is growing all over her head just not as thick. The girls are also both sitting up on their own! What an accomplishment. Now I say that but of course they don't always hold it very long and I must always stay close to catch them before the inevitable crash to the floor. We are working on balancing and learning to catch themselves with their hands. This is much easier said than done. Everyday seems to have new moves and challenges and we are loving every minute of it. Renna is now officially saying "da da." It is very exciting but we are pretty sure she has no idea who da da is right now. She will rarely say it on command but we both just love it when she does say it. I am convinced that miss Reagan is going to save up her words and blurt out mama one day! You better believe we are working on that one. Reagan is our little growler. So adorable! They are eating solid foods usually three times a day and we are introducing fruits. Now all who know me well know that I hate any and all fruit. I know it is crazy...I can't help that I am a super taster (AKA picky eater)! Anyways we started bananas this week and so far Renna is hating them and making terrible grimaces and scrunching her face. I am powering through and continuing to give them to her but I must admit it is very hard. I want to tell her how much I sympathize with her...don't worry I am not. My children will eat fruit...I hope! They have never been great bottle drinkers but are really seeming to enjoy the solid foods. Yeah!! I am convinced it is because I am making the baby food myself. We got our last RSV shot this week and are very excited about that. I am continuing to long for spring and have really enjoyed a few days of nice weather recently. We have gone on a few short walks and rides in the golf cart to see the horses and we all seem to enjoy it. I can't wait to get them out to meet all of our friends and spend some time outdoors. I am sure it will be an adjustment for me and the girls. We have always been on a pretty strict schedule and it will be hard for us to become a little more flexible in order to get out and do a few things. I know it will be worth it though. The girls are sleeping a little better, last night they slept for nine hours straight which is a record for us. I am sure it won't happen often but I am pretty proud of them. I really enjoyed my sleep and of course had to wake up and go make sure they were still breathing! Crazy, I know!