Monday, October 3, 2011

The State Fair

We recently spent some time at the State Fair. We got to go with Grammy and Papa and our cousins to see Toy Story on Ice! It was really fun. We were a little unsure about how the girls would do because they don't watch Toy Story but they were so excited by the music and dancing. They continued to ask "where pig go?" "where doggy go?" the characters skated off the ice out of sight. They are full of questions these days and it is sometimes quite comical. I love how much they can carry on conversations with us as well as each other these days. It is very entertaining also to watch them talk to their baby dolls and say the same things to their dolls as I say to them! This is just a picture of the girls in the stroller as we were making our way to the show.
Reagan excitedly clapping her hands to the music. I know I have mentioned it before but this child loves loves music just like her momma and I often find her sitting around singing making up cute little songs. She lays in her bed at night and sings and her Sunday School teachers have commented on how she really likes to help with the singing in class. I love watching her face light up when music comes on. Lookout world we may have a little performer on our hands.
Renna and Aunt Lindsay eating some popcorn during the show. Renna usually won't let many people hold her but for some reason that evening she decided to get in some much needed time with her aunt, it was really cute.
Reagan and daddy getting some snuggle time during the last half of the show.
Mommy, Grammy, and the girls enjoying the skating.
It has become an annual tradition for us to go to the fair with some of our best friends from Vet School, Moose and Amber and their sweet little girl Paisley, and grandma Dawn. Moose was sick and couldn't join us and we really missed him but we ate some extra calories for him just so he wouldn't feel left out! In this picture we stopped to watch some Percherons pulling a carriage. It was a crowd pleaser for everyone. Our fair trip always centers around seeing all the animals (as if they don't see enough of those at our house or my parents) and eating of course!!
The girls were really excited to see the baby pigs. They look so grown up here hanging over the fence. They are such big girls lately in everything they do! Renna being a whole minute older is definitely becoming the big sister as she tries to help Reagan with everything, even when Reagan doesn't need her help. It is pretty sweet because Renna always tries to comfort Reagan when she cries, except of course when the crying is due to hitting that Renna has inflicted!
The girls loved feeding Paisley anything they could get her to eat. They all even shared some ice cream sundaes...yummy!!
The girls all loved the Ag building where they have interactive stuff for kids to play with. Have I mentioned how much the girls love chickens? Especially Renna, they feed and gather eggs at my parents house with their chickens and it has now become an obsession. Every bird that we now see in a parking lot or something walking around is proclaimed "baby chicken" by Renna. She gets so excited I haven't had the heart to correct her. This cute picture captures Renna's amazement that these chickens weren't moving. She was more than a little perplexed by it but still loved gathering the eggs. Spoiler alert: you may see some little chicken costumes in our future!!
Reagan was excited about picking apples and putting them in the sand garden.
And here are my little ladies burying apples in the sand. Did I mention this picture was taken at like 9pm at night and my little night owls were still going strong with their little friend Paisley? The girls are at such a fun age right now. Of course two has its share of challenges but overall they are playing together so much more and are starting to use their imaginations. It is really cute to hear Reagan rambling on using many words we cannot understand but then Renna gets exactly what she was trying to say. I have to use her as a translator sometimes! We have been spending as much time as possible outside right now and enjoying the gorgeous weather before it starts getting cold. More pictures of our other adventures to come.