Monday, December 7, 2009

We've come a long way Baby!

Renna, 6 months old

Reagan, 6 months old

Reagan at two weeks old

Renna at one week old

In honor of the girls turning 6 months on Dec. 11 I wanted to look back at what huge improvements they have made. Actually that really seems like an understatement...they are our miracle babies and are tougher than me. It is amazing what God has done in their lives and how much he has blessed us by allowing us to be their parents. Renna started out at 2lbs. 15 oz. and is now a whopping 12lbs. 13 oz!! Reagan started out at 2lbs. 10 oz. and is now 11lbs. 7oz!! Can't believe how chubby they are getting. It really makes us smile. When we brought them home at 9 and 10 weeks of age we were making 16 bottles a day and feeding round the clock every three hours. We are now as of this week (hope I am not jinxing us) making 12 bottles a day and have just in the last few days started sleeping seven hours at a time!! Yes, I said seven hours!! What wonderful, blessed sleep. Of course I still wake up about every 1-2 hours to pat bottoms and replace a pacifier....but overall much much better. We still go thru anywhere from 14-18 diapers a day but who is counting! The girls are really starting to notice each other a lot more. It is my favorite thing when I catch them smiling at each other and then they coo back and forth. It melts my heart! I can't wait until they really start interacting with each other. How lucky they are to always have each other around. This six months has been the hardest of our lives but also the most rewarding. The experience with the girls spending over two months in the NICU was something I would never wish for anyone to have to endure. However I do believe as all hard times do, it made us so thankful for what we have. It brought Adam and I closer together and now we feel as if there isn't anything we can't get through together with the help of God. These little ladies can be very challenging at times but they are worth every second of lost sleep and worry. We don't get out at all except for our visits to the doctor which are actually quite frequent. So far we have seen: Neonatologists, Pediatric Cardiologist, surgeons, radiologists, ophthamologist, gastroenterologist, dermatologist, pulmonologist, and of course our pediatrician. I am sure there are a few in between that I left out. We recently ventured out to my parents to spend our first night away from home. It is nice having both sets of parents live within 45 minutes. So anyways Adam had to go out of town for some continuing education for work, so the girls and I went and stayed with my parents. It was so much fun...It was really good to spend time with my parents and my grandma. Plus it was huge for me to actually be out of our house for once and have some change of scenery. I was very worried about how the girls would sleep. Turns out the first night we stayed there the girls slept for about 6 hours!! Yeah!! The next night they slept seven hours!! Wow!! So far this week they have continued that. What an answered prayer. I will keep you posted on how it goes. We had a great time watching movies and just relaxing at my parents. I forgot the camera in all of the junk I packed so I will have to get some pictures from my mom. All in all it was a great weekend and I felt a huge sense of accomplishment at surviving away from our comfort zone. Of course it was also Adam's first time to be away from the girls and I think we missed him as much as he missed us. So to some it up, we now have six month old babies. We can't believe it. Everyday they do something new and fun. I am sure the next six months will prove to be just as exciting.