Monday, August 10, 2009

Reagan Makes it Home!

Reagan gets ready for the ride home!
Getting some quality time in
We got great news this morning that Reagan could come! I was elated but also had to scramble to get her car seat for the car seat challenge test and make arrangements for Adam to get off of work so we could get her home. After they get me all excited and I run home to get some things I get back up to the hospital and they inform me they want to check her blood count one last time before she goes home. You guessed it....her levels were low so she then had to get another blood transfusion (her fourth). So in the end we thought we would get to bring her home this afternoon but it ended up being 7:45pm before we got her home tonight! Reagan did great in the car aside from a little crying. She decided she wanted to stay awake the whole trip home and make grunting and whining noises. We got a good laugh out of how different the girls are in the car, as Renna didn't make a peep and slept the whole time. We are so excited to have our little family of four under one roof for the first time tonight. The girls seemed uninterested in seeing each other, much to mommy's disappointment. I guess I had visions of them wanting to hold each others hands and kiss and hug! They kind of looked at each other and then went to sleep. Well, Renna went to sleep and Reagan continued to squeak and move around like she always does. So we are officially done with the NICU after 61 days!! I can't tell you how excited we are to not be going up to that hospital tomorrow. I plan on staying home all day with my little girls. I am sure there won't be time for much else besides diapering, feeding, pumping, rocking, and repeating all that again. I am up for the challenge and just feel so blessed to finally have them home. Both grandmas will be pitching in to help this week and we are very grateful to have their assistance. We will try to keep you all posted but it may be awhile depending on how well adjusted we all get.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Poo Finally Arrives

Renna gets her first bath at home
Daddy forgets to turn the flash off
Reagan's beautiful face without any tubes

We have some great news about Reagan. The intestinal biopsy came back normal!! What an answered prayer. We are so relieved, it was constantly in the back of my mind that they might find something horrible. They did an enema at the time of the biopsy so we knew it would be a little while before we saw some stool, but we were getting worried because there was nothing happening until tonight. We got a call tonight that Reagan had a huge poop! Part of it even got on my mom since she was up there visiting! We are so excited and proud of her for going on her own without the help of a suppository. It had been four days since the biopsy. She is still taking all of her feedings by bottle and so they have pulled the feeding tube from her nose. It is so wonderful to see her little face without tubes in it. She is so cute! So we aren't sure when she will get to come home but it will likely depend on if she keeps going to the bathroom on her own. We aren't sure what has been causing all of her GI problems so we don't know when it might come back, of course we are hoping it won't. For now we are just rejoicing at the answered prayers of a normal biopsy and poop! It is amazing how you life changes to revolve around eating and pooping schedules of your children. Renna is doing great at home. She is such a quiet and peaceful little baby. I really can't complain at all. I am loving sitting in the recliner snuggling with her. I am sure once Reagan is home I won't have much time for that. Adam and I gave Renna her first bath at home last night (we had given baths twice in the NICU). It was a lot of fun and she liked it okay, but just gave us this crazy look. It was as if she knew maybe we didn't know what we were doing! I can't tell you how much I am loving being a stay at home mom. It truly is a dream come true for me. Right now I honestly can't remember why I went to school all those years to become a veterinarian because I love being a mom so much! Don't get me wrong I am sure one day I will go back to work and use my degree but for now I am loving just being mommy. My job at home will get even more challenging when Reagan comes home and I can't wait to have both my little ladies under one roof. Renna and Reagan are both eating about 50mLs every three hours. Renna weighed 5lbs. 2oz. about two days ago and Reagan now weighs 5lbs. 1oz. and is about to catch up to her big sister. Thanks again for all the prayers. God truly continues to bless us each and everyday. Adam and I are reminded in some way everyday when we are at the NICU how lucky we are to have our little girls both doing so well.