Sunday, October 4, 2009

16 weeks old

Reagan sticking out her tongue

Renna blowing bubbles

Well after more than two weeks of illness we are finally feeling better and off of antibiotics. It is amazing how much a little virus can take out of you, especially when you have two sick newborns to care for. The girls turned 16 weeks old this week (4 weeks gestational age) and are continuing to grow by leaps and bounds. Two days ago we moved out of the newborn diaper size. We are still wearing newborn clothes but they are rapidly becoming too small. However, the 0-3 months clothes still seem way too big. I am sure it won't be that way for long. Renna now weighs 9lbs 10oz. and Reagan weighs 8lbs. 6oz.!!!! Such big girls! We have come such a long way. It is so fun to watch them become more aware of each other and of us. They have started looking at lights and will now follow Elmo when you dance him in front of them. Reagan has rolled once from her back to her tummy and once from her tummy to her back. I am pretty sure that she had no idea that she did it. The first time she did it was a 3:30 AM feeding and Adam was changing her diaper and she started screaming and just threw her leg around and flipped over. Adam and I were in disbelief. So far she hasn't repeated this. Reagan has also discovered she has a tongue and likes to stick it out a lot. It is so cute! Renna is getting really strong with her neck and is starting to use her little arms to push herself up a little during tummy time. Her favorite thing to do is blow bubbles with her saliva. It is really strange and as veterinarians we are a little concerned she might have rabies!! Ha! ha! Just this evening Renna rolled for the first time from her tummy to her back. She hates tummy time so that was her motivation. We are starting to get on a schedule as far as the sleeping and waking goes. We have been on it for about a week and so far it is working for us and helping us get a little more sleep at night. Hopefully it will continue. It is so hard to keep two newborns awake by yourself when they want to go to sleep! I wish I could sleep that soundly! We are still basically quarantined from the rest of the world in hopes that we don't get any more viruses or of course the dreaded swine flu. We appreciate everyone that has offered to come help, visit, and bring food. It really means a lot to us and we can't wait to get through flu season so we can start taking the girls out and showing them off! We tried to get some pictures of Reagan with her tongue out and Renna with the bubbles. This was a very difficult task. Hopefully you get the idea.