Thursday, September 3, 2009

Full term babies!

Well things went good with the GI doctor. We found out both girls have anal-rectal stenosis, which basically means their little bottom doesn't open up like it should. The opening is too tight! I will let you just imagine the jokes that Adam has made about this. The good news is that with some stretching they should be fine. Renna has already started showing some improvement and has been having more regular bowel movements. Reagan is still struggling quite a bit. The GI doctor suggested possibly trying her on all formula to see if the hormones in the breast milk are the problem. We started trying that this week. We will see if it works. I would love to get our little girl some relief from all the straining and stomach aches. The other news I was very excited about it that he said I could go back on dairy. Yeah! You wouldn't believe the amount of cheese I have consumed to make up for lost time! Things have been going really well. The girls turned 12 weeks old today. We can't believe they are really that old, they also hit another milestone as today was their official due date. We now have full term babies! They are starting to realize they are full term because Renna has decided she cannot consume enough milk to keep her full this week. Reagan is eating good too but is not ravenous like her big sister. We had their two month well check today (we are about a month behind) at the doctor and we were shocked at home much they had gained in just one week. Renna weighs 7lbs. 90z. so all of that eating is paying off. Reagan is growing as well and weighs 6lbs. 12oz. Our little ladies have come a long way from two pounds in just 12 weeks. I wonder how big they will be in 12 more weeks? Can't wait to watch them continue to grow. They also got their first set of shots today, with many more to follow. After everything they have been through the shots didn't seem to bother them too much. So far our schedule has been feeding every three hours even at night. We wake them up regularly to feed them if they are sleeping when the 3 hour mark hits. Today we got the okay to try a four or five hour stretch at night if they will allow it. I am very excited about this but I'm not sure how the girls will tolerate it since they are pretty used to their three hour schedule. They have been on this schedule even at the NICU since they were about two weeks old. My mom is coming to stay tonight so we are going to try the four hour stretch and see how it goes. I will keep you posted. We had the girls newborn pictures taken about two weeks ago and the photographer posted three of them on her blog. If you want to take a look it is and then it is under her blog. We think they came out pretty cute. Also Adam did a little photo session with them and those are the pictures I am posting today. He did a great job, I am very proud of him for his first session with them. I think they look very professional. My friend Crystal made the tutus. Aren't they cute? Thanks Crystal! We will post more pictures later because we took a lot of good ones.