Thursday, August 5, 2010

Mommy & Daddy's Little Helpers

The girls have been playing together a lot more lately. It is so precious for us to watch them interact. They love pushing each other in their fairy car, of course sometimes a few wrecks will happen! They also enjoy kissing each other, biting each other, and playing hide and seek around the recliner. I just love sisters! They are also becoming my little helpers/explorers. They want to "help" mommy and daddy with everything.
Here they are laughing at each other's hairbows. The next move is always one trying to pull the other one's hairbow out. It is as if they say, "Look what you have on your head" "No look what is on YOUR head" Then the pulling starts! Kind of frustrating once I get their hair fixed, but oh well!
So yes Reagan is finally wearing a topknot ponytail! Yeah! I was very excited even to have a tiny amount to pull up. You can see she is less than excited. But doesn't she look beautiful?
Yesterday I was unloading the dishwasher and turned to put up the silverware for a second. I turn back around to find Renna the little climber helping me out! She was so proud of herself and of course I ran to get the camera. Then she started looking at me and saying "uh-oh." Luckily Reagan was still napping so we haven't had both in the dishwasher...yet! Renna has also started using her toys as a step to get up on the couch. Such a smart girl.
Here is Reagan riding the donkey, Tilly, at my parents' house. She was a little nervous and wanted her mommy to ride with her. They have been sitting on Tilly but this was the first "ride" they took. They both really seemed to enjoy it. We will slowly be working our way up to the horses, but for now Tilly is just the right speed.
Renna loved riding with her cousin, Sara. Sara was so good to share the riding with the girls and hold onto them. She is a great cousin. Tilly is a great sport as always, going round and round. Renna was upset when we made her get off. She loved touching Tilly's mane too! She kept saying "OHHH." Mommy was so proud...hopefully two little horse lovers in the making!
The girls are helping daddy check his email. You can imagine how much actually gets done with them near the laptop. They are so fascinated with it.
Here is Reagan helping mommy put the bottled water in the fridge. Who knew plastic bottles were such fun? Notice Reagan is actually wearing shoes...we have been practicing wearing shoes recently in case they start walking. They hated the shoes at first but seem to tolerate them now.
The girls also recently took their first four wheeler ride with daddy and Sara. They seemed to like it and weren't scared at all. My little farm girls were helping do chores. They were too busy looking at the goats to be bothered by a picture.
Here are the girls teaching their friend Natalie how to climb into her toybox! First went Renna, then Reagan followed quickly. Natalie watched for a minute and then went in head first herself. So cute how they teach each other new things. I guess they will just continue helping each other learn new tricks all the time. Always keeping Mommy on her toes! That pretty much sums up our last couple of weeks. Can't believe the summer is almost over. We still have so much we want to do this summer...