Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Teething and everything in between

The girls are both now pulling up on everything! It has always been pretty busy around our house but now it is never a dull moment. It is amazing how much they can reach and get around by pulling up on furniture. They are definitely having to try and learn the concept of no! Here they are having a little fun in Reagan's bed after nap time.
Our living room is now a fortress of gates! The girls hate when the gate slams shut and are constantly at the gate trying to figure out their next escape. It has been fun to watch them start to play with each other more. The other day they were playing peekaboo together...priceless! It really warms my heart to see them enjoying each other.
We visited my parents house on my birthday and got to see baby goats for the first time. They really enjoyed patting him on the head. And cousin Sara loved teaching the girls all about the baby goats.
We got to meet some more of our cousins for the first time. What fun! It is hard to get a good picture with that many little kids, but so cute.
We now have two swings in the backyard. This was a birthday gift for me from Adam's parents. Thanks Grammy and Papa! I am pretty sure I was more excited about it than the girls. Now it is their favorite past time to go out and swing. I love watching them giggle and kick their feet. We are out swinging at least a couple of times a day. Here is Renna for the first time in her swing.
Here is Reagan in her swing. Notice she is pulling on her hair. It is just starting to get long enough that she notices it when the wind blows it....so adorable! I can't wait to be able to put bows in their hair. Both girls now have two bottom teeth that are poking through. Teething has been a little rough, but mostly because they have had a cold for two and a half weeks. It has now turned to a sinus infection and they are feeling better with antibiotics. The poor little ladies have been so uncomfortable lately. It breaks my heart to see them feeling sick. We look forward to them feeling back to their old selves soon. I would also like to report both girls are now saying Mama. It doesn't happen very often but when it does it makes my day. The developmental specialist came yesterday and the girls have officially passed all of their 9 and 10 month milestones and are starting to work on their 11 month ones. They are rapidly catching up to their actual age. Way to go girls! Such an answered prayer.