Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our busy life!

This past month has flown by. Since being out of quarantine we have been a busy family. Both girls are now crawling and constantly on the go. We have had several fun play dates and family outings. Here are a few pictures for a quick recap of what we've been doing.
We had our first official visit to a park where they actually got to swing like big girls instead of just ride in the stroller. Thanks for the beautiful bows Amanda!
We went on a trip to Sonic and the park with the girls' boyfriend, Owen! Isn't he so cute? I think he was a little overwhelmed by his high maintenance ladies crying in the car, but he never made a peep. We have such a good time walking with him and his mommy, Allison.
We made our first visit to a restaurant as a family of four! The girls did quite well. It is surprising how many people stopped to talk to the girls. They were a big hit.
Play date with our friends: Molly, Reagan, Lilly, Sophia, and Renna. It was so fun to get together with some girlfriends from college and let our daughters play. Lilly and Sophia belong to one of my best and oldest friends Chandra (high school and college friend) and Molly belongs to Amber who is a dear friend from college. Maybe all our daughters will go to college together one day.
Reagan started crawling! Here she is showing off. She is keeping me on my toes now.
Renna is now pulling up on the furniture and her favorite place to hang out is here on the fireplace. Can you tell by her face that she enjoys making her momma nervous about smacking her chin on the brick? We have officially fenced in our living room as a safe play looks like a fortress. We will post some pictures of that soon.
My very best friend Sonya has a little girl, Natalie who is only three weeks younger than the girls (their gestational age anyways). We got together for a long awaited playdate. They had so much fun. We hope they become lifelong friends just like their mommas. The girls just love it when Natalie comes to play. We also took a fun trip to the zoo with Natalie as well.
Reagan, Natalie, and Renna
We went to the zoo with my friend Michelle and her two kids, Frannie and Atticus. This picture was at the end of our journey and they were all really tired.
And finally we went to our first birthday party. My neice Sara turned five so we had our first party experience! The girls loved playing with the balloons. We had a wonderful time. The three oldest kids on the left are actually triplets who are now seven! Wow! I pumped their mom for some good advice. Well, that is our quick update. As you can see we have been very busy but enjoying getting out. It is very exhausting for all of us involved but worth every minute.