Monday, March 14, 2011

We're Learning to Swim and Growing up

One of our best friends, Amber, invited us to go mommy and me swim classes with her and her sweet daughter Paisley. We were so excited at the opportunity for the girls to get a little water exposure before summer comes. This picture is us right before our first class. Daddy was able to leave work early and make it to the class. We were really glad he made it. However we need to thank Amber and her mom Dawn for helping me get the girls dressed and ready. We love spending time with you all and are looking forward to the rest of our classes. You can see Reagan was already a little hesitant about the situation.
Here we all are in the pool. Renna has loved the water, which is shocking because she is our little shy girl. Reagan who is our more outgoing daughter was really scared at first. I guess they are just trying to keep me guessing! Anyways they did really well and Reagan eventually warmed up to the idea even though she seemed a little troubled about the cold water.
Family pool time!
Here is Amber and sweet little Paisley. Somehow we managed to get no pictures of Paisley's beautiful face. You can see Renna and I in the background practicing swimming on her belly. We have three more weeks of swim classes so we are excited to see how the girls gain some confidence in the pool. Our favorite part so far has been socializing with Paisley and her parents!
I had to post a few recent pictures of the girls. They look so grown up to me in these next few pictures. I cannot believe my little ladies will be turning two before I know it. I am loving this stage as they are now starting to really communicate and repeat everything! My little Reagan may be small but she is very good at loudly expressing her emotions. She is also my little sweetheart and readily shares her toys with others. This most of the time leads to her getting pushed around by her sister and others but it is so sweet to see how giving she is. She is usually pretty confident in new places and trying new things. Love our little sweet Pickle!
Renna is our little talker. She repeats everything and continues to repeat the word until you understand what she is trying to tell you. It is so cute! She is very in to details and immediately notices and comments on what she sees. She is a very determined child and continues to push the limits at every corner. Our Punkin is also our little shy girl. She gets very overwhelmed at strangers talking to us and getting too close. The girl just needs her space and needs her mommy and daddy close by. I am also proud to report she has started using her potty periodically! She started asking to go so we got some potty chairs and let the fun begin! Of course we aren't officially potty training yet but when a girl asks she needs to sit on her potty.
I just love this picture of Reagan. She looks so happy! Notice the stick in her hand. She loves gathering sticks outside. Luckily we have lots of trees so an endless supply of sticks to play with. Reagan is also our little singer. She loves music and just has to sing and move to the beat....I wonder who she could get this from? It makes her momma so proud.
Renna giving Daddy the look! Seriously dad, more pictures?
We stopped at a boot store after church one day and the girls fell in love with some boots. They looked so precious in them and they both cried when we made them take them off. We didn't get any real cowgirl boots yet. We are enjoying the hand-me-downs from the cousins right now.
Renna rockin the hat and the boots! Everyday with these girls is something new and wonderful. I am so lucky to be their mom! We can't wait to see what adventures are in store for Spring.