Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer Fun

We have been having a really fun summer. It is flying by as it always does. Here are a few pictures of just a few things we have been up to. We took a weekend trip to the lake. The girls had fun but got up really really early every morning and of course didn't nap. It made for an exhausting weekend but it was a ton of fun.
Family swim time
Reagan was happy just to play in the sand and drag the wagon around. Doesn't she look proud of herself here? She did get in the water but it took a lot of encouragement. I think she might take after her momma in that way and just want to tan and relax near the water rather than actually participate in the lake sports!
Renna loved playing in the sand as well but was more eager to run back and forth into the water. She is our little daredevil and wants to try and swim by herself. She will probably be Dadddy's little skier (if she can get over the fear of the loud noise of the boat of course).
We took two quick boat rides. The girls were really nervous at first but liked it once we started going. Can you tell how tired we all look here?
Most people know I competed in pageants in high school. My mom, grandma, and I recently took my niece Sara, and the girls to their first pageant! I was so excited for them. They really enjoyed watching the contestants sing and dance. They excitedly talked about the microphone and the dresses were all "cute" according to Reagan. It made me happy to see them enjoy it. I might have some future beauty queens on my hands! They got pretty wild during intermission and judges deliberation but overall they were great and made their momma proud. This picture is right before we got seated...we couldn't get one of both of them looking of course.
We have been spending time playing in the girls' new playhouse outside. The girls got it for their birthday from Grammy and Papa and no matter how hot is is outside they never want to quit playing in it. Here is Reagan playing at the sink.
Renna loves to peek out the window while she is cooking.
We have gotten to have several playdates lately with our best friend Natalie. The girls have such a great time together. Here are our bathing beauties right before we got in the pool. Aren't they precious? Look at all that curly frizzy hair they all three have! We also went to the circus with Natalie and all three girls loved it! I will find our pictures eventually and post those.
The girls played with some pop rock fireworks and watched their cousins set off a few. It was fun to see their mixed emotions of scared and excited all at the same time. You can see in this picture how attached we are to our baby dolls as they go with us everywhere. Just what I need is two more babies to keep up with!!
The girls really enjoyed watching the fireworks this year. We got to watch some on the 3rd and on the 4th with each of our families and it was so fun to see their little faces get so excited at the explosions.
We have also gotten to swim with our cousins at our house. Gage and Sara are becoming quite the little swimmers. I love watching the girls gain more confidence in the pool as the summer goes on. They love jumping off the ladder into the water.
We got to have a playdate with one of our best friends, Paisley and her momma and daddy recently. We haven't gotten to hangout much with them since our swim classes ended this spring so it was fun to get the girls together again. That is a quick summer catchup to the Life with the Laughlins. We hope everyone is staying cool and enjoying their summer too!