Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Adventures

We recently took the girls to visit a pumpkin patch on Adam's day off. Grammy came with us too and we had a great time. The weather was above 80 so we wore our summer clothes for our fall adventure! We loved the weather! I tried to get a cute pic of the girls posing together with some pumpkins but they had nothing to do with that. I did think this was pretty cute of them off to look at the pumpkins together. I see them holding hands a lot more now especially when they are somewhere new or get nervous about something. It melts my heart to see how much comfort they get from each other. So who needs a good posed shot when you get some serious sister love in action?? Too precious for words!
This was when I was trying to get Renna to pose...she thought it was a ridiculous idea!
Reagan didn't want to stop climbing in the pumpkins.
Reagan carefully surveyed the patch before choosing her pumpkin.
Renna dove right in and started grabbing pumpkins! She is carrying three in this picture. We had to convince her we could only take one home.
They loved climbing in the wagon of pumpkins.
Reagan loved milking the cow!
Reagan and Grammy riding the carousel, we had to ride it twice!
Renna loved the carousel too but only wanted to ride with her daddy...def a daddy's girl!
There was also a little bouncing area, which they loved. It was a great workout.
They also got to go on a pony ride. You would think we don't have our own horses at home as excited as they were. I think they liked being on the smaller horses. I was pretty proud of how excited they were.
We also took a train ride around the farm.
Reagan riding the horse. She did not want to get mother like daughter I guess.
And finally it was time to take our pumpkins and head home. You can see how windy it was so it took some effort to carry their pumpkins. And can you believe after all that activity they did not nap at all that day?? These girls need shockingly little amount of sleep. I guess they get that from their parents, but seriously I was exhausted after this adventure. We sure are on the lookout for pumpkins now. Everywhere we go Renna likes to point them out and count them. What a fun fall adventure! Thanks for taking us Grammy!