Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Belated Halloween Treats

Here are my sweet little chicks!! We had a very very busy Halloween WEEK!! We went to four different events where the girls got to wear their costumes and they loved every minute of it. The first thing we went to was the Storybook Forest around a lake near our home. They act out several nursery rhymes and the kids walk around to each one collecting candy. The girls loved it but anytime a costume or something made them nervous they would hold hands. As you will notice in the rest of the pictures, Reagan refused to wear her hat and Renna pretty much never took it off. So get ready for Halloween picture overload...
Their favorite was Humpty Dumpty. My curious Renna even pulled his leg off!
Some excited girls waiting in line to get started trick or treating at the forest. I took them with me to pick out Halloween buckets and I was thinking about a pumpkin or something, of course the search was over as soon as they spotted Elmo buckets!
I love this picture of Renna because it shows how genuinely excited she was to wear the chicken costume...the girl loves chickens!!! She loves gathering eggs, petting chickens, dressing like chickens, feeding chickens, and even eating chicken! She was so proud of herself in her costume and didn't want to take the hat off even when we were indoors and she was sweating.

Family photo time at the Storybook Forest. I was actually surprised as this is the first family photo in months (or maybe ever) where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera. Yeah!
The next day we went up to my sister's work and participated in their Halloween celebration. They put on a huge party with iced cookies, games, a DJ, and decorate floors of the office building for the kids to come around to get candy. The kids had an amazing time going through the floors of the offices and seeing all the decorations and of course getting candy! Here is the only picture I could get of all 4 cousins. Notice we had Gage and the girls dress alike...they are such good friends and it was fun to see them be little chicks together! It is funny because we always get asked when we are out with them if they are triplets (they are 7mo. apart) and that is totally magnified when you dress them alike.
Reagan loved the idea of carrying her basket and getting candy...even as she got overloaded she wouldn't let us help her carry anything. She was all about the buckets.
Here are the 3 little chicks getting their candy. It was precious to see them actually say Trick or Treat this year and then hear them say thank you to everyone.
Daddy and Renna eating their sugar cookies.
They had a DJ and we couldn't pull Reagan away from the music!! She wanted to stay and dance, this shot is of her dancing in action. Notice the hair flying as she spins and shakes! We definetly have a little performer on our hands...which I must admit makes me pretty proud.
We tried to get a group picture with Aunt Amy and all the kids but Renna wouldn't cooperate. Thanks so much Aunt Amy for inviting us. We had a great time!!
On Halloween night we went to a Fall Carnival with my best friend Sonya, Natalie, and her family. My mom got to come with us too so she could see them in their costumes. Thanks mom for coming and helping out. The girls had so much fun playing games. This is the best picture I got of them together. I was shocked we got them to both sit there for a few seconds. Look at those long legs!
The girls loved all the carnival games! I don't think they really even cared about the candy they just wanted to play. We also went to a great fall carnival at our church but I failed to get pictures since I took the girls by myself...try taking two two-year olds to a carnival alone and see how many photos you get!
This is the only photo we managed to get of Natalie and the girls together. Natalie was an adorable ladybug, this was at the end and I had to make the girls take their costumes off because they were sweating so badly. Thanks so much Scott family for inviting us. We all had a wonderful time.
And last but not least what Halloween is complete without a bounce house? We literally had to drag all 3 girls out at the end. Once they got in we could not get them out. Needless to say everyone slept really well that night. Now the next question is after all this Halloween fun, what are we going to do with all that candy? We had such a fun Halloween week this year I am thinking it may now become one of my favorite holidays, it was even the first year that Adam and I haven't dressed up and I didn't miss that at all because I was having so much fun watching the girls enjoy it. So Happy Belated Halloween everyone.