Friday, January 20, 2012

Basketball & Dance Class

My parents and I took the girls to their first Cowboy Basketball game recently. My friend Stacey and her little baby Berkley joined us too. We had a great time. The girls really enjoyed watching the game and Reagan loved the band. She stood up and clapped to the music. Here is the only picture I managed to get of the girls with my parents. Thanks for taking us Grandma and Papa! Go Cowboys!
Renna cheering on her Cowboys.
Reagan and Papa watching the game intently. Did I mention how many snacks and popcorn they ate? You have to have something to eat while you cheer!
Reagan loving on Berkley. She is so drawn to little babies...she wants to constantly put pacifiers or bottles in their mouths...such a little mommy. Berkley was pretty excited about her first OSU game too!
Stacey, me, Berkley and Reagan
We recently got to go to dance class with our friend Piper. It was bring your friend to dance class day and she was so sweet to invite us. The girls were super excited. Piper let us borrow some leotards and the girls were so excited to wear their "dance clothes & tutus." As soon as Reagan put her outfit on she started spinning and twirling!
Renna modeling her leotard.
Here are the girls walking into dance class with Piper, Shelly, and Briggs. Aren't they cute holding hands? Look how grown up they look.
We got to class a little early and the girls posed for a few photos in the hall. Renna and Piper have become such good friends!
My little Reagan was so excited she could not stop smiling and running in circles in the hallway.
The pictures during class were taken through a window in the door so they aren't great. Here are the girls doing their bar exercises.
Time to stretch...
After the class was over Renna ran back in to play at the bar!! She was so cute up on her tippy toes. I am more determined now than ever that we are going to start dance when the girls turn three. Look out world we have some little ballerinas in the making...