Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pumping, Pooping, and everything in between!

I can honestly say that I've never been so excited about the smell of warm steamy baby poop in my entire life! I mean, I put it right up there with fresh baked rolls on a cold winter morning. The girls have been having the most delightful bowel movement schedule with an average of one stool every 24-48 hours. Dont get me wrong, changing a dirty diaper still has its down-side, but the shear joy of knowing that your babies aren't full of crap anymore is priceless. On a less stinky note, Renna has developed a ravenous appetite. Mendy and I are really quite scared for Reagan, as the two are sharing a crib right now. Just last week we noticed that if Reagans hands or arms got too close to Renna's mouth, Renna would open up wide like a great white shark, and try to chomp down on poor Reagans unfortunate appendage. This week Renna has moved on to trying to eat Reagan head first like some sort of baby python....I see years of therapy for these two in the future. Our GI doctor has put Reagan on a formula exclusive diet, and changed her type of formula as well, which has seemed to help a great deal. Now we have more trouble with Renna in the GI area that we do with Reagan. I'm actually hoping that we can switch Renna over to the new formula as well just in case she has the same problem as Reagan. This would also give Mendy a free pass to stop breast-pumping. Although Mendy is a religious pumper (every 3 hours whether they need it or not) I can attest to the fact that those milk-suckers hurt (insert quote about milking anything with nipples Greg), and would not mind if Mendy quit pumping tommorrow. That being said, she has worked so hard for so long (to the point of third-degree flange burn for those of you familiar with the "milker lingo"), and stopping now almost feels like all of her hard work would be wasted. Nonetheless, going outside and smashing that blasted breast pump and its components on the concrete would be very rewarding for both of us. We also got to bring Laney, our maltese, back home this week. She seems very curious about the girls, but at the same time wants to keep her distance from them. We havent had any biting from either parties yet, so we consider ouselves lucky. Laney did have an accident in the middle of the living room when we got her home, but I like to think that this was just encouragement for the girls. The schedule of feeding every four hours at night is great. Well, that is when you can actually get them to sleep before the three thirty me, many nights they are not. When they do sleep it is a blessing to have an extra hour here and there. We have been so blessed to have our family home, and can't thank everyone who has helped us out enough for all their support. We are posting a few more pictures from our photo shoot at home and one of the cannibal at work. We tried to get some little cowgirl pictures during our photoshoot, but it was harder than it looks!