Sunday, March 28, 2010

One week to go!

A little indoor fun in the wagon
First time taking a bath together
Sippy cups make great toys
Watching mom and dad work outside
Renna and the backwards crawl
A little sisterly love

One more week to go and the quarantine (aka house arrest) will be done!! Yeah!! You cannot begin to imagine how excited Adam and I are. I am sure the girls would be excited if they new that there lies a whole big new world beyond these walls that doesn't involve shots at the doctor's office!! We have been on house arrest since they came home in August...8 months of house arrest!! It has actually flown by and we were just so thankful to have the girls home from the hospital and healthy that we haven't minded it too much. But I can honestly say I am now super excited about the future that lies ahead. I can only imagine the challenges that are going to present themselves but I know we will conquer. Lately we have been very busy with new stuff at home. Adam is working on tearing out our old deck and putting in a new one. This has presented many challenges but we know it will be great when it gets done. He is such a hard worker and I am so proud of him for undertaking this huge project. My friend Courtney (mom of triplet boys) said they have been using bath seats to speed up the bath process. What an ingenious idea! Thanks to my sister in law and mother in law and a consignment sale we now have two functioning bath seats. They work really well and have cut down our bathing time by half. It is so fun to have them in the bath at the same time and anything we can do to save time is a must. My parents and my grandma got the girls an early birthday present this week...a red wagon!! I am so excited about it and the girls seem to love it to. I have been wanting a way to be able to take the girls to the swings or out to feed the horses without having to get out the stroller every time. I must say that the bath seats also work great in the wagon to keep the girls from rolling all over one another. What a great invention. I am going to enjoy taking the girls around the yard by myself and being able to have my hands free. We also started trying sippy cups. This mostly resorts in a lot of throwing cups on the floor and wet laps but they really think it is fun. I think they may be starting to figure out that it provides a drink but we aren't there yet. Reagan has made a few new developments this week. She has started patty-caking by herself and said DaDa for the first time! We are so proud of her. Renna continues to crawl around on her back but is getting up on all fours a lot more now and rocking back and forth. She usually just gets frustrated and resorts to the backwards crawl that she knows can get her around. Reagan is also getting up on all fours a little bit. I have a feeling a lot of changes are soon in store for our family. The Laughlin Twins will soon be making their debut so you never know where you might find us.