Sunday, January 24, 2010

We started solid foods!


Daddy and the girls getting ready for a ride in little red
Renna, Daddy, and Fancy
Me, Reagan, and Fancy. Doesn't she look excited?

Well we finally broke down and started solid foods...if you consider mushy rice cereal solids!! We talked with our pediatrician and decided together that the girls weren't ready to try foods until they were 7 months. Well last week we started the rice cereal and they still can't decide if they like it very well. Reagan seems more eager to open her mouth than Renna. This surprised us because we are lucky to get Reagan to drink 3.5 oz in a bottle but maybe she just wants real food! Can you blame her? Her momma is a meat and potatoes girl so I can totally sympathize. Anyways they make some really funny faces when we start the feeding. I tried to capture some but that is easier said than done. We are starting slowly and will be increasing the frequency of the feedings this week. We are hoping to not compound the constipation issues with the addition of solid foods...the prune juice daily continues to help us out. One thing I was surprised about is how big and grown up they look in their little high chairs. They are getting so big and it just surprised me how they don't look like little tiny babies anymore! Makes me kind of sad but excited for the adventures that lay ahead. I am going to try and make my baby food with the help of my friend Chandra's advice. If anyone has any great tips for how you all make your baby food let me know! I plan on doing another week of rice and then starting a new food....I will let you know how it goes. We have been doing great. The girls have successfully had two days of only five bottles. This is a huge step for us so I hope we can keep it up. They are sleeping better at night. Reagan really sleeps for 7 hours which is awesome, Renna is another story and still tries to wake up every 3-4 hours. She is getting better though. At the advice of several friends we got a sound machine yesterday to try and drown out the noise of each other since they constantly wake each other up. I hope it helps. The girls are rolling over all the time and trying to push up on their arms. It is so cute. They have also both found their feet and love holding onto them. Reagan has even started sucking on her toe...gross! I will try to get a picture of that soon! We enjoyed a little outdoors time with the nice weather...short trips of course. Papa Ron recently gave us his old golf cart and we love it. Thanks so much Papa Ron! It is so fun to drive around the pasture and up and down our long driveway. I think the girls enjoy it as well. We got a few pictures of them with the horses yesterday. I think I hopefully have a couple of horse lovers. The horses were just as curious about them as the girls were. Hopefully we have a few more nice days...I am aching to get outside. Spring can't get here fast enough for me! My poor daughters have barely seen the actual sunlight due to the quarantine. Hopefully we can make up for it this summer.