Wednesday, August 29, 2012

July & August Catch-up

 Since the girls' birthday it seems like the summer has flown by!  I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day but I guess that is the way it has been since they were born.  We have so many things we want to cram in each day.  Here is a very brief overview of what we have been up to.   Get ready for picture overload. We went to the lake with Grammy & Papa to celebrate daddy's birthday.  The girls loved driving the boat and Reagan even tubed with daddy behind the boat, sadly I didn't have my camera so I will post those when I get them from Grammy.  It was a fun weekend.
 Renna & Daddy driving the boat.
 I worked the week of 4th of July so the girls got to spend several days at my parents!  They loved their days on the farm.  We spent the day of the fourth out there doing fireworks and playing with our cousins.  The girls seemed to really enjoy the fireworks this year and weren't too nervous about the noise!
 Lovin their sparklers!
 Watching daddy and Uncle Ray's fireworks show with papa, Sara, and Aunt Janice.
 They also had their first visit to the dentist since they are such big 3 yr. olds now!  The picture is very deceiving because it is the end where they are all done and they got pink timers.  Lets just say that the dentist said their teeth looked great but not sure how he could tell through all the screaming! For some reason they got very scared when they had to sit in the chair. So glad mom could go with me and hold one while I held the other one down.  Hopefully our next visit will go smoother.
 We went to the Drive-in movie with my parents and my niece and nephew.  We saw Madagascar 3 and it was so much fun.  We enjoyed sitting outside in the back of Papa's truck and eating tons of snacks that Grandma brought.  What a sweet cousin picture of Reagan, Sara, Renna, and Gage.
 Our next big adventure was going back to my hometown to spend four days with some close friends and attend the Woodward Elks Rodeo!  We stayed with our friends The Taylor family.  The girls had a blast playing with Zach and Zoey.  It was so great to see them bond and have fun since I used to babysit Zach and Zoey when I was in High school and college.  What a sweet family.  Thanks so much for letting us come stay Kellie & Kyle.  We had so much fun and love you guys so much.  Here is Zoey and Renna showing off their pink streaks Zoey put in their hair! Such glamorous gals!
 Zoey braiding Reagan's hair.  We wished we lived closer so we could see them more often.
 Zach and Renna playing basketball.
 We went to the Rodeo and parade with one of my best friends (Chandra) from highschool and college and her sweet family.  Here are the girls before the parade started...Lilly, Sophia, Renna, and Reagan. Not pictured is sweet Evelyn sleeping in the car.
 Eagerly awaiting the candy.  We also got to spend some time with Chandra's family at her parents home.  We had a great time swimming. Thanks so much for having us over Doug & Theresa.
 The girls were mesmerized by the huge longhorns...look how closely they walked to us.  It was pretty amazing I must admit.
 The girls in their rodeo dress best!
 All the girls waiting to get more snacks from my purse.  The rodeo was about 3 hrs. long and they all did really well. We had a fantastic time.
 On our way home we decided to take the girls to Alabaster Caverns State park.  I grew up near it so we went a lot.  It was really fun to be able to share that fun experience with my own family.  The girls did great. They really liked hiking through the cave and excitedly talked to the tour guide about what shapes they could see in the rocks.  It was truly a fun little vacation.  Here is Renna outside the cave being a bat!
 Reagan the Bat
 I had to post this picture since it is truly a glimpse at a day in our life!  The girls have become obsessed with dressing up in "beautiful princess dresses" as Renna says.  It has become their new reward for napping well...they get to dress up if they do nap!! Here is just one of the many gorgeous princess ensembles.  Thanks to our princess party we now have plenty of outfits to dress up in.  What a fun imagination these ladies are starting to have.
 I know everyone will be surprised but we got two more animals!! Baby kitties!! The girls love them so much.  We have had so much fun playing with them in the barn.  They will hopefully follow in our other barn cat Ivan's footsteps and be great mousers.  Adam delivered these kittens by c-section and we got them back in 6 wks when they were weaned.  It was fun surprising the girls with them.  We took them down to the barn and told them there was a surprise and let them find the pet carrier with kittens inside.  These pics are right after they got them.  Such excited faces.  Here is Renna and her kitty, Ike!
Reagan and her kitty, Mike.  Yes, we named them Mike & goes so perfectly with Ivan our other cat.  So far they haven't asked to bring them to the house and they seem to be staying at the barn really well.  I must say they are the best kittens I have ever seen as far as letting two 3yr. olds drag them around.  And of course they even ride the golf cart with us.  Renna keeps asking to let Ike ride the horse with her...don't think they are that good!! The first day Renna kept asking "Will my baby kitty still be little when we go back down to the barn?" Adorable!  I will try to post more regularly as we have exciting days ahead.  The girls are starting Pre-School one day a week very soon and starting Lil Tap & Hip Hop class as well.  I guess our fall will be just as busy but we are loving every minute!