Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Swimming Summer Fun and More

The summer is rapidly flying by. It seems like things have been in turbo speed since the girls' birthday. Here is a quick catch up on pictures for a few things we have been up to. These first two are of the girls one year photos. These two are our favorite of them together. I haven't decided on my favorite individuals but when I do I will post those. What can I say, I am one proud momma. It was really difficult trying to get both of the girls to look in the same direction and we never succeeded at getting both of them to smile at the same time. I thought they turned out great anyways. I can't believe how big they look. My friend Crystal made their dresses as a baby shower gift, aren't they cute?
Our Little Serious Ladybugs.
Big news for our Miss Renna...our first topknot ponytail! I was super excited to be able to put this in her hair....I can't wait for more hair adventures. It seems like it is taking forever to grow. I was glad to see she can do the ponytail because she refuses to keep on the headbands anymore and mommy loves bows! Look at that silly grin! Renna has officially started say Dog this week. We were really proud of her, of course having two veterinarian parents what other word do you expect? She excitedly says it at Laney (our Maltese) as she chases her around the house. Renna now has four full teeth and two more on top working their way out! She has bitten me three times now...those teeth are sharp! I am sure it is only a matter of time before she turns them on Reagan.
My sweet little brown eyed girl Reagan, trying to make a quick escape thru the baby gate. Our living room has become a baby fortress of play. Any chance the gate is open they do a turbo crawl to get to freedom. Here she is caught in the act. Reagan started saying UH-OH this week! She doesn't always use it properly but it is adorable. She is becoming such a momma's girl lately and I love every minute of it. No ponytails for her yet, her hair isn't as long on top. Reagan has two full teeth and two on top that are beginning to make their presence known. No walking from either girl yet but they are standing on their own for about 10 seconds, I think any day we may have some walking girls on our hands.
Here are the girls sitting on the new deck Daddy put it. They are eagerly awaiting their first swim in our pool. This was over a month ago, but what can I say we have been a little busy. I will post pictures of the finished back porch area with outdoor kitchen soon. My husband is one handy guy and did it all himself. We are very proud of him.
Reagan modeling her swimsuit.
Renna not too sure about the water at first.
Reagan loves splashing in the pool! These floating crabs are a lifesaver when you swim with twins...or any little ones for that matter. Don't worry, I don't take them swimming by myself.
Swimming with Daddy.
The three girls getting some sun. Well that was a quick catch up for what we have been up to. We are just trying to enjoy this summer, play outside, and just be grateful we aren't where we were last year at this time. What a difference a year makes! God is so good.