Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Rollercoaster that is the NICU

Well Renna isn't off the ventilator just yet. Yesterday the x-rays of her chest showed a little haziness so they turned the ventilator back up. Today they look much better so we are back down on the lowest setting. Everyone kept waring us what a rollercoaster the NICU is and they were definetly right. They also took Renna off the pain medication pump. Since then she has required two boluses (single injections) of the pain medication, hopefully she doesn't continue to need that. It breaks my heart to see her in pain and trying to cry with no sound coming out because of the tube in her throat! I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will get off of the ventilator tomorrow. She is still on the iv nutrtion as they continue to decrease it they are increasing her milk feedings via the tube to her stomach. Her GI tract is still moving slowly but continuing to improve. Reagan continues to do great. She still weighs 2lbs. 15oz. I don't know where all that milk she consumes is going. She seems to have a ton of energy and is always moving around burning calories, I guess. We enjoy the three times a day "kangaroo time" with her and can't wait to get to do them with Renna again, or both girls at once! Adam is going back to work tomorrow. Me and the girls sure are going to miss him during the day. He will still be able to make it to the 8AM so we can get our morning report before he heads off to work, then he will be back in the evening for the 8PM. I am sure I will have to save a kangaroo time for him to get some time in with Reagan too! Adam downloaded some new pictures of our little miracle babies. I will try to share a few periodically. He is becoming a great photographer since becoming a proud daddy. The first two pictures are of Renna on her ventilator, we always laugh about how she has one arm up. The second two pictures are of Reagan. It is so hard to get pictures of them awake, I will try to post some more later.

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