Tuesday, November 17, 2009

House arrest continues...



The girls are doing great and continuing to grow and have really started developing some chubby rolls! What an accomplishment for them! Renna now weighs a whopping 12lbs. 3oz and Reagan closely trailing at 10lbs. 14oz. I can't believe how much heavier they are getting to carry around. The girls have begun their series of RSV vaccines. We met with the pulmonologist and were again cautioned about keeping the girls from public areas and other children...blah...blah...So the house arrest continues. I am sad it has started getting cold since our walks outside had become something to really look forward to. Anyways, the holidays will be celebrated with only our immediate family in effort to restrict our little ladies from other children. It has been a hard decision for us to make but we have to do what is best for our girls. We look forward to seeing everyone and getting out and about once flu and RSV season have passed. We went to Reagan's dermatologist appointment last week for the bump/lump around her eyebrow. The doctor said it is one of two things (hemangioma or intradermal cyst). Both of these things are nothing to be too concerned about but may require surgery with a plastic surgeon to remove it! Great...another procedure...another referral. I guess we should just be glad it hopefully isn't anything too serious. It doesn't seem to bother her at all so that is good news. So we will be going to yet another specialist for an ultrasound of the area in December.We will keep you posted on that development. Renna is doing great and is still our little eater! Both girls are eating every three hours during the day but are doing one five hour stretch between bottles at night. Yeah!! I am very excited about that. Now you notice I didn't say they always sleep for five hours...but at least they are sleeping longer periods all the time. The developmental specialist came yesterday and informed us they are right on schedule with their gestational age. She actually said they were a little ahead of where they should be. We are so excited to hear that and will continue their daily "exercises." The girls are cooing, smiling, and laughing at us more all the time! We love it so much. Renna has started smiling huge when she is crying in the middle of the night and she sees me....it is like she knows my weakness. I have to look away and just pat her back to sleep or else she has me won over and I have to snuggle her! Ha! ha! We had a quick impromptu photo session before a doctor appointment outing last week. The doctor appointments are about the only time we leave the house so of course the girls must wear their best clothes (thanks for the cute outfits Moose, Amber, and Dawn)! As the beginning of the holidays approach I have been thinking about how blessed we are. We are so thankful for our miracle baby girls who are so strong and have overcome so much. We continue to give the glory to God for blessing us with them. We are also thankful for our wonderful family and friends who have been so helpful to us through the tough times and continue to help with the girls. We love you all! Hope everyone has a great thanksgiving next week!


  1. They look so healthy, love those baby rolls!

  2. you are making my uterus ache, please stop giving it ideas...