Saturday, February 6, 2010

They are catching up...

Daddy's little Deer (thats what the outfit says) sweet big brown eyed Reagan
The girls working hard at pushing up!
Precious blue eyes Renna
Reagan loving the green beans
Renna not loving the green beans

We are all doing well here. Just wanted to give an update on the baby food making. I am loving it. It has been really fun so far. Thanks for all of the encouragement and advice. I will let the pictures of the girls eating speak for them! The pictures are of them eating the green beans for the first time. Their faces were priceless. I am not sure they appreciate my cooking now but hopefully they begin to appreciate it. We have now tried green beans and peas. Yesterday my mom and grandma came to help and we cooked for like two hours and made more green beans, spinach and carrots. I can't wait for the girls to try them. I really love having my mom and grandma come help me, the girls really enjoy it too. We are so lucky to have family close. Thanks grandma and MeMe! We survived the ice storm and never lost our electricity...thank goodness. Adam luckily got to have four days off work due to the storm. It was so perfect. We stayed warm in the house with the girls and Adam kept a fire going while I cooked and we drank hot chocolate and played with the girls! It was really wonderful. I hated the ice for everyone but we loved the time it created for our family. The girls are pushing up on their arms a lot now and starting to get their little bottoms up in the air for a brief second. It is so cute! I thought since we dropped a bottle feeding I would have more free time but now we are feeding three meals of solid food so I actually have less time. Of course I am loving every second of it. They are starting to eat a little better and even seem to enjoy some of the food. Of course there is still more on the bib and face than probably in the mouth but that is okay. We do have great news that the developmental specialist came and the girls have successfully passed all of their six month milestones!! This is a huge step for us even though they are almost eight months old they have started making rapid progress to catch up to their actual age instead of their adjusted age. So they are catching up rapidly! Adam and I are so proud of them. It is weird to think about because they should just now be five months old if they had been born at their due date. God has blessed us so much with their progress and I continue to be amazed at what they do each day. Renna has been sleeping much better this week. I am not going to say anymore so as not to jinx us. I will let you know if it continues. Not much else exciting is going on right now. We have lots of doctors appointments this month but hopefully they all go smoothly. We are counting the days until spring when we can show our girls off! Adam and I escaped to the mall and a movie the other night (thanks for watching the girls Grammy and Papa Ron) and we were talking about how the girls will be in total culture shock when they go to a public place like the mall, church, or even a restaurant. They certainly won't know what to do with so many people to look at. I am sure there will be some scared tears but we will adjust. I can't wait!! We have so many things to show them.....come on Spring!!

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    I'm sure this has already been mentioned to you, but just in case not, you should check out the site It really gave me a lot of ideas when I was making food for Atticus. The girls look great! -Michelle