Sunday, March 14, 2010

9 months old

We had our nine month checkup this seems so unbelievable that the girls are already so old. The doctor was very happy with their weight and their progress. Renna weighs 16lbs. 70z. which is amazing. I cannot believe she is that big. Reagan weighs 14lbs. 4oz, which is a lot of progress in the last month for her. I like to think the weight gain is due to my wonderful homemade baby food! Anyways our goal is to end the quarantine in April and to gradually start introducing the girls to the public world of germs. We will be counting the days.


  1. So exciting about the weight gain and the end of quarantine!!! Can't wait to get those girls out into the world and show them off!!!

  2. Of course their weight gain is due to your wonderful homemade baby food!!! You're such a great mommy!!! And YAY for the end of the quarantine! We can't wait to see those girls!!