Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Little Princesses Turn 3!

Our Little Princesses recently turned 3!! I cannot believe how these last three years have flown by.  We are so blessed to have these little miracles and we have loved every second.  The girls wanted a princess party this year...so get ready to see lots of princesses!  Here is the table for the party, Adam's mom helped do most all of the decor and my mom helped make the Krispie Treat wands that we sent home as party favors.  Thanks for your help Grammy and Grandma.  I don't know what we would do without you.  Didn't Grammy do great on the tissue balls?
On their actual birthday Adam and I took them out to eat and get ice cream cones! When we got home we let them open most of their presents from us.  Here is Reagan showing off her new riding helmet!
Renna modeling her new cowboy boots. See how excited she is about it?  We also got the girls each their first "barbie." They were actually Sleeping Beauty and Belle.  Reagan is totally in love with hers and carries it with her everywhere.
Renna on party day dressed as Aurora, which is Sleeping Beauty's name for all who don't know.  They chose who they wanted to dress like.  We thought they would only wear these costumes at the beginning of the party but they wore them the whole time...it was like 3 hours!!  Even in the heat a Princess needs to look her best I guess.
Reagan answering the door for the first party guests.  She is dressed as Belle and is of course carrying her Belle barbie with her.  The girls really got excited about their party this year and were really excited once people started coming.  We pretty much never use our front door so it was exciting for them to open it and see people arriving.
Our little princesses seeing their cakes of the first time!
Adam sister again made their cakes. Didn't she do a fantastic job?  Thanks Aunt Lindsay, you always exceed our expectations. You can kind of see the wands I made in the background...they were super yummy!
Our quick family photo
Belle eating her hot dog on the go in the backyard.
Aurora climbing up to her castle slide!!
Blowing out their candles!  I was so impressed because they needed no help this year...such big ladies!
  A little sisterly love.  So precious.  It never gets old seeing them kiss each other.
We opened lots and lots of presents! Their friends were very generous.  We still haven't opened all of our gifts to play with yet.  I have stashed them away to open slowly so it is more fun.
Cake eating time
So the big gift we splurged for was a saddle for the girls to ride Payday. My parents split the cost of it with us so it was a Grandma, Papa, Mommy, and Daddy gift! Of course we looked for the last month trying to find the perfect one and the girls kept requesting a pink one! Shocking!! So you guessed it, we got them a pink one...and I think they were truly surprised because we kept telling them we didn't know if they made pink saddles!  Here is Renna taking the first official ride in their saddle. She was so speechless when she saw it that all she would do is point and reach for it.  They did not each get a saddle in case their is any question...they will be sharing it.
The saddle in all its glory.  Poor Payday did wonderful giving all the kids a ride that evening.  Not sure how thrilled he was to be wearing pink but he got lots of love so didn't seem to mind.
Belle riding in the saddle!  It was a great party and made me so happy to see the girls running and playing with their friends.  Can't wait to see what this year has in store for us.  On another note Reagan is finally wearing big girl panties for the past week and a half!!! Yeah!! It has been a long year of trying but she seems to be finally getting it. Way to go Reagan!! We are so proud of her and are super excited to be saving money on diapers now.  I guess our little girls truly are growing up as they seem to remind me everyday.

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