Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Activities

August has flown by for us. This post is a little long, I promise for shorter ones in the future. We have had several rounds of colds, fevers, and ear infections this month, but I guess that all comes with experiencing the world. We just keep reminding ourselves after every outing and inevitable sickness that we are strengthening their immune system. We actually took our first road trip and also had our first overnight visit this month. I know it seems strange but we just never go more than 40 minutes from our house, and certainly not since the girls were born. I will post those pictures soon. I had to post this picture of the girls using their new favorite toy, the diaper box. My mom cut a little door and window in it and they think it is a ton of fun. You can see here that Renna has barged in on Reagan's time in the box and is proceeding as usual to sit on her feet. Reagan doesn't take to the bullying or touching too well and always lets out a cry and this poor sad face. Doesn't that just break your heart? Reagan is my super sensitive girl...I can't figure out who she gets that from? Adam may have an answer to that question.
We recently took a road trip (our second ever) with my best friend Sonya, her daughter Natalie, and my mom. We went to host a baby shower for one of our close friends. The girls did great in the car together and they even all three napped on the way home. We did have a huge diaper explosion on the trip down. Poor Sonya had to clean up my Renna's nasty mess. You know that is a true friend. Thanks Aunty Sonya, we love you so much!
I love these next two pictures of my girls playing with the coke. Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I love my Coke. I couldn't have survived Vet School without it. I have now switched to the calorie free version and so far the girls love it too! Just kidding, I thought it was super cute that Miss Reagan immediately found it in the box and knew to put it to her mouth. Definitely my daughter! She obviously has great observation skills.
Renna got in on the fun too and decided she need to shake two at a time. These were full but luckily not open.
I love this picture of my sweet Reagan. It says so much about who she is. She is so into detail and constantly working on things to put them together or figure out how they work. She definitely gets that quality from her daddy. She will mess with trying to get things in a small hole for a long time. She is really good at studying things for awhile before diving in...complete opposite of her sister. So precious. Lately she has started dancing to music every time she hears it. She likes to bounce, shake her bottom, wave her hands, and even tries to sing/hum along. It makes me so happy to see how it affects her. I have music on a lot around the house (country of course) and we sing and dance all the time. Both girls actually seem to love music. Maybe I have some future performers on my hands. They might just take after their mommy. Reagan took a few steps on Aug.12 and she has kind of just done a few here and there. So not officially walking yet, but so close. She says mama, dada, uh-oh, and a lot of other words I just cannot understand!
Here is a new favorite past time...wrestling! They love to crawl over or wrestle anyone who lays on the floor. Renna is maybe enjoying this session a little more than Reagan.
Renna in one of her many "situations" she gets herself into. She got stuck in this drum toy and seemed to enjoy for a minute or two. Of course I had to grab the camera instead of rescuing her. This just shows her personality. She dives right into situations and isn't scared of much. If she can't figure something out pretty quickly she shoves it to the side and moves on. She is always looking for the next thing she can explore or trouble to get into. Reagan just calmly sits back and watches her as if she is saying, "I don't think you should do that." Renna has also come to love an audience and very humbly claps for herself after every new trick. She now says momma, dada, uh-oh, dog, ball, and is attempting a few others. She took about 4 steps on Aug 14 and has been taking some here and there as well. I guess you could say she is walking, just very very short distances.
The girls' doctor released us to start letting the girls go to Sunday School class at church. They had previously just been sitting on our laps through Church and Sunday school...talk about exhausting mornings. Anyways we were so worried they would cry and scream since we have never left them anywhere like that, and you guessed it...no crying! We were so proud of them. So far they seem to love going to class and playing with their new friends. They don't even give us a second look. I guess my little ladies are indeed growing up. Our Sunday morning routine is a little hectic but we have it down to a fine science. Here Adam is putting on the sandals while the girls watch intently waiting to see if he buckles them tight enough.
Our first trip to Adam's favorite japanese restaurant. We finally took the girls to this restaurant with Grammy and Papa for daddy's 29th birthday! The girls did great and were actually quite entertained by the cooking and the fire. They did leave a very noticeable mess of rice under their highchairs. At least we all enjoyed ourselves. Happy belated 29th Birthday to an amazing Daddy and husband. We love you!

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  1. I love all your insight on their different personalities! Amazing how much two kids can be different! Can't wait to see you guys again soon!