Wednesday, September 15, 2010

First Family "Vacation"

As I said in the last post we recently took our first two roadtrips away from home. This was pretty much the girls' first time to sleep away from home (they stayed at my parents twice but they were tiny babies). So we first went to a family reunion to meet up with some of Adam's extended family that had never seen the girls. It was fun but exhausting and to top it off the girls were sick. The highlight of the trip was the girls got to meet their Great-great Grandma. Two weeks later we took another roadtrip to the lake with Adam's parents and his sister and her family. It was a fun end of summer trip, but again the girls were still sick and very cranky. We enjoyed a lot of family fun but were definitely ready to be home. Adam and I discussed how apparently after you have children a "vacation" isn't really a vacation anymore because it is just a lot more work for the parents and in no way restful or relaxing. It is hard to have two almost 15 mo. old babies toddling and crawling around in places that aren't baby proofed. We had our fair share of screaming fits and sleepless times at night and we could never get the girls to take a nap while we were gone. Who needs sleep right? Needless to say it was never a dull moment but we made a lot of memories. Here are a few of my favorite pictures. They are in totally random order from the two trips.

Daddy pulled us around in the tube on the shoreline. Mommy wasn't ready to put her sweet babies behind the boat yet...and who needs a boat when you have a daddy to pull you? Renna really thought this was fun as you can see her clapping. They were a lot more relaxed as they could enjoy the water without lifejackets on for a few minutes.
Here is Renna playing in the sand shell her and daddy made.
Reagan loved this little beach chair of her cousins. She wasn't too thrilled about getting sand all over her for a very long period of time. Who can blame the girl? She needed a little time to relax in the shade.
Renna loved the water and wasn't scared at all to try and take off into it! As I said never a dull moment.
Our family of four after a little beach fun. As you can see everyone was a little tired and cranky.
Adam and Uncle Dustin made breakfast each morning. Reagan liked helping with the waffles too!
The first time we got them in the water at the family reunion. It was a quick "swim" because they were a little scared. It was a little stressful for Mommy as well.
The girls got to meet their Great-Great Grandma Nita for the first time at the Family Reunion. Not many little girls can say they have a great-great Grandma. Aren't we blessed?
Reagan and Daddy driving the boat.
Reagan modeling her life jacket. She might look okay with it here, but they hate their life jackets! Hopefully next year when they can walk and move around a little it won't be so uncomfortable.
Renna not too sure about the boat or the life jacket.
Grammy was a big helper on the two trips. It is so great to have grandparents to help out. What a lifesaver. We don't know what we would have done without having the whole family to help out.

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  1. Vacations are definitely not restful when you have little ones!! It does get easier the older they get though!!! It looks like you guys had a great time! I love all your pictures and the girls are just as cute as ever!!