Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Last weekend we took advantage of this beautiful fall weather and took the girls to visit a family farm with a pumpkin patch and many other fun activities. It was absolutely gorgeous weather and we all enjoyed every minute outside. The girls are walking almost everywhere now and jabbering all the time. Needless to say they had a lot of fun picking out pumpkins, petting animals, and playing with Grammy and Papa.
We just got the girls' 15mo. shots last week (a month behind since they have been so sick). But we are happy to report they are doing great and growing by leaps and bounds. Reagan Kate now weighs 18lbs. 9oz and is 29" tall. We can't believe our tiny girl is getting so big! Still not ready for a forward facing car seat but nothing is going to slow her down.
Renna Ann weighed 20lbs. 9oz. and is 30" tall. We always laugh because she is consistently two pounds heavier and one inch taller. At least we know they are still right on track. Renna loved this unique looking pumpkin.
Trying to pick out the perfect pumpkin.
The girls were in love with this little bench. They didn't even seem to notice we were actually waiting in line to ride the train. Don't they look precious on it?
Petting the sheep, one of the many farm animals.
They both liked the carousel, but Reagan couldn't get enough. I guess she already loves riding horses, just like her momma! Thanks for sharing all of the Fall fun with us Grammy and Papa!


  1. How fun! We hope to take the boys to a pumpkin patch this weekend. They are so cute, Mendy!

  2. Those outfits are fabulous!!! Please save one to send my direction... :) We had a blast with you all today!!!

  3. We went to the same "family farm" last weekend!!! We were there on Saturday! What day did you guys go? It looks like the girls loved it!! They are just so CUTE, Mendy! I bet you're having so much fun! Ava loved it there too! I just need to get around to posting our pics!!