Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas 2010

The weeks leading up to Christmas and the weeks after have been a total blur of fevers, antibiotics, breathing treatments, and various doctors visits. The girls both had strep as I said last time and Reagan was off antibiotics for 24 hours when she woke up Christmas morning with another fever! She was miserable most of Christmas day and just wanted to be rocked and wasn't interested in her presents for more than a few minutes. The next morning she was worse with a high fever and began making a horrible honking cough sound. This rapidly proceeded from coughing, to wheezing, to gasping for breath. Mommy made a speeding drive to the ER with a very distraught baby girl. We were told Reagan had croup! Ugh! Her upper airways were swelling shut and she had to be given an Epinephrine breathing treatment and steroids. After about six hours in the ER they finally released us when she began breathing easier again. Talk about a very scary day, it was not a fun Christmas weekend for us. Renna proceeded to get a fever and cough about five days later which lasted for another week. Now I have been diagnosed with strep...so I guess the illnesses continue! We are just so glad to have our little Reagan be breathing easier. My side of the family had a bad case of stomach virus they were trading around all through Christmas so we did not get to celebrate with them until New Years Day. We did get to spend some time with Adam's family on Christmas afternoon it was just hard to enjoy because little Reagan was feeling so bad. Here are a few pictures of the madness!

Here we are Christmas Eve night right before bed putting the cookies out for Santa. The girls were pretty excited about Santa's cookies and couldn't understand why they couldn't eat all of them. This was the last evening with no sickness we would have for about 2.5 weeks.
Christmas morning fun! Santa brought the girls a Cozy Coupe which is pretty much still the hot toy item that they fight over daily. Believe it or not they both fit in there with a little bit of screaming involved. Doesn't it look great in our living room?
Santa also brought a Barbie Four wheeler! We are officially girls on the go. We have ridden it a few times outside but mostly in the garage right now. They know how to make it go by themselves but no steering is happening yet so you must be on your toes to prevent run overs and collisions! Can't wait for warmer weather to really get it broken in.
More Christmas morning fun with stockings and Kitchen utensils!
Here is Reagan at Grammy and Papa's house with her new babies. She was such a little trooper with her high fever, she managed to have a little fun here and there. As you can see she also thinks it is perfectly normal to always carry two babies around and rock them at the same time. My little ladies are going to be great at multitasking!
Grammy and Papa Ron got the girls these precious little chairs for Christmas. The girls absolutely love them. They are perfect for rocking their many babies. Although even though we have two of them somehow they always want to be in the same chair!
My dad, Papa Jim, made the girls a little tower thing that they can stand in at the kitchen cabinet. They are thrilled with it and love helping me cook and playing with their cooking stuff while I cook. He put their names on each side, it looks so cute. Thanks Papa Jim.
Here is another look at the tower. Their new favorite thing is throwing toys on the floor and saying uh-oh until I pick them up. Good times! On a different note the girls are really starting to play together and talk to each other a lot more. It is so cute and always makes me smile. The girls have also recently started leaving their hairbands in! Yeah!! Such an accomplishment for us. Aren't their pigtails hilarious?
This is Renna opening gifts with my family. The girls really loved opening presents and tearing the paper. My parents and grandma came to our house on New Years Day to celebrate Christmas since the rest of the family was still sick. We really missed not seeing them for Christmas so we will have lots to make up for soon with extra playtime.
Meme got the girls baby strollers and as you can see they are a big hit! They are constantly little mommies on the go. I guess my little girls are growing up. Hopefully we will get to start leaving the house a little more and will have more adventures to post. Here is hoping everyone has a healthier 2011! We were so blessed beyond what we deserve in 2010 and we thank God for all he has done in the lives of our little ladies. I continue to be amazed at something they do everyday and have to remind myself they are my little babies! I am so lucky to be their momma and I cannot thank my husband enough for allowing me to stay home with them.

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  1. I hope everyone continues to feel better!! Emma got a 4-wheeler for Christmas too - she doesn't even watch where she's going, nor does she steer! She just goes until she runs into something, then holds the button down until you go put it in reverse or pull her off of whatever she's run into. She also got a stroller that no one else is allowed to touch or she yells no, no, no!