Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rodeo Time

We recently took the girls to their first rodeo!! Yeah! This was a big deal for many reasons. First it was the first time for the girls to ever go to a big public event center of any kind. We were a little worried about how they would react, be scared or just really cranky and not wanting to sit still. They did wonderful! We were so proud of them, we did have to leave and walk around some but overall they were great and we didn't even leave until ten o'clock at night! Renna has had a lot of stranger danger in the past but it seems to be improving. The second reason it was such a big deal to me is that I have always loved rodeo. I used to ride barrels and rodeo when I was little and I grew up always going to the rodeo and watching them on TV. So I was pretty excited to let my girls experience it too. I must say the girls actually really enjoyed watching the animals and even the loud music. Thirdly our outing was a big deal because for the first time in over a month that we were all four well with no fevers!! We hope the healthy streak can continue. A big thank you to Grammy and Papa for taking us to the rodeo. We probably wouldn't have even thought to attempt it by ourselves and it is always nice to have extra hands to pass the girls around.
Here is Reagan sitting with Grammy, she loved pointing at the horses. She especially loved the bucking horses. Her face lit up each time one came out of the shoot!! It was so precious. It made me so happy to see her feeling good again and enjoying herself. Doesn't she look precious in her cowgirl hat?
Here they are trying out some fancy saddles. They loved sitting in them and looking around. I think Renna looks like a natural horsewoman!
Reagan in the saddle pointing to the next one she would like to sit in.
Renna and Daddy enjoying the rodeo. She loved wearing her cowgirl hat. She didn't want us to take it off! Such a stubborn cowgirl but how can you say no to that face?

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