Friday, February 4, 2011

Blizzard of 2011

This picture is of the girls with their first snow on Dec. 24, 2009. Can't believe how tiny they were and they are 6 months old in this picture. This was basically the only time they have ever seen snow until Tuesday.
We recently had a blizzard!! Crazy! That doesn't happen here very often. And just one week ago we had 75 degree temps and were playing outside in shorts! Now on to 0 degree weather and blizzards! We enjoyed Daddy being home with us for one day off work during the worst of the storm. We decided to let the girls stay in their jammies all day. Here they are playing with some snow Daddy brought inside. You can see the towering sheets of white outside the door. We decided due to the very very low temps and the fact that the girls currently have a cold to play with the snow warm and safe inside the house.
Renna holding some snow. She kept saying Cold, cold, over and over. So Cute!
While the girls were napping we had to drag ourselves outside in the 3 degree temps and blizzard snow to shovel out the drift from the garage and driveway so Adam would be able to get to work the next day. Here I am all geared up. Needless to say Adam shoveled about 4 times more snow than me but at least I was out there trying to help right? I am pretty good and feeding animals and pitching hay in the snow but not a great shoveler.
Here is Adam just getting started. Did I mention he had the huge stall cleaning shovel and he gave me the tiny metal one? Probably a good move on his part. He wanted to get the job done. Thanks Daddy for working so hard and going back to work in the bad weather to provide for your family. You are a wonderful father and amazing husband. Saving the world one dog and cat at a time...right?
When the girls got up from their nap we played with the bowl of snow and made our first ever snow ice cream! It came out pretty good and we all ate some with a little chocolate syrup of course!
Reagan wasn't to happy about being fed the ice cream. She wanted to do it herself.
Renna loved the ice cream.
Just a quick shot of the end of the day with Reagan eating some Chicken Enchilada Chili for supper! Yummy!
A few more pictures of our cold days spent inside. Before we had kids we would try to do a date night on Friday nights, now on Friday nights we always do a movie night after supper. I know we are pretty wild and crazy, dinner at home and a Netflix movie. But we actually really enjoy this tradition. Usually it is just a movie for me and Adam but the girls stay up for the beginning. Anyways this is Daddy enjoying the movie when Renna came and joined in. I thought it was so cute I went to get the camera....when I came back I found this...
They were all three sucked into the movie!! How cute is that. I think Reagan was frustrated she couldn't see as well. Doesn't daddy make a good recliner? Precious family memories.
It has been so cold and miserable we have barely left the house. Here are both the girls enjoying riding their Ozzy! Did I mention he is the most patient dog in the world? He has pretty significant arthritis in his hips so I am sure this can't feel good, but he never complains.
My two favorite girls enjoying some time in the baby strollers while drinking their "Cokes." Don't worry it is just milk but those of you who know how much I love Coke won't be surprised that they call their milk Coke. Makes their momma proud! It could be much worse, they could be really asking for Coke. I wonder how long before they figure out they are drinking something different from Mommy? It cracks me up they always want to sit in these strollers themselves with their babies. Good thing they don't weigh too much. Not sure how much more these strollers can hold. So here is hoping for no more snow! These three ladies are ready for spring so we can play outside.

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  1. We made snow ice cream and put chocolate syrup on ours too!!!! You're an awesome wife for getting out and shoveling in that weather!! As always your pics of the girls are precious! Love the ones of them in their baby strollers! Funny girls!