Thursday, March 31, 2011

Zoo Time

Since the weather has been getting nice we have been on the go. Here are daddy and the girls walking at the zoo. I cannot get over how big they look. We have been to the zoo a lot lately with our zoo pass. What a great invention for people with children. The girls are really starting to notice the animals and enjoy the outing as much as I do. Their favorite so far are the chimps and the seals. I must say I agree with that as well.
Reagan walking with our niece.
Renna walking with our nephew. Aren't they cute holding hands?
We got to try the carousel since daddy was with us. Renna loved it as you can see. Reagan got very scared so I couldn't put her down to try and get a picture.
He we are loving the elephant show! It was great to see the elephants up close, they kept the girls attention for at least five minutes, and that is a lot for them!
We love that Daddy has one day off during the week since he works Saturdays. It is fun to go visit places during the week that are normally packed on the weekends. Renna was totally done with pictures as you can see.
Checking out the elephant statues.
Over spring break we got to go to the zoo with my mom, sister, and my niece and nephew. We had a great time even though the zoo was packed. It was fun to have my mom go with us because she hadn't been to a zoo since Amy and I were little.
Renna enjoying a little time with cousins Sara and Gage.
Are those really my big girls walking all over the zoo? They have gotten a little spoiled about being able to get out of the stroller since we have went with family recently. Usually when I take them it is a rare occasion to let them out of the stroller. We love having our families close so that we get to spend time with them. Everyone check out your local zoo, it is a lot of fun.

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