Thursday, April 14, 2011

Babies, Babies, Babies

The girls are really really into babies right now. Babies of all kinds, humans, dolls, animals, pretending to be babies. If it has the word baby they are interested. We loaned our bouncy seat out to some friends and we recently got it back. The girls latched right onto it before I got it put away. Here they are fighting over it and both wanting to be the baby.
My sweet Baby Reagan. This is so funny because for the first two months she was home from the hospital this is the only thing we could get her to sleep in. I guess she still loves it and insisted on being covered with her blankie as well.
Our friends Amanda and Tanner came over recently with their two sweet girls, Ava and Allie. The girls were so excited to feed and hold baby Allie. Reagan is especially intrigued by her and always wants to hold her or give her a bottle. It is so precious to see her trying to be a little mommy. Thanks Amanda for letting the girls play with your beautiful daughters!
Renna holding Allie. Sweet Allie just slept right through the process. But Renna who never seems to stop moving sit there for a really long time so still just holding her. We had to make her get down.
Right along with all of the baby pretending we have Renna constantly wanting to wear my shoes around the house. I guess here is she pretending to be me and take out the trash. The odd thing is she has my shoes spread all over the floor in the closet and always comes out with a perfect match! My smart little girl loves shoes
My parents are having baby goats right now and they have one bottle goat. She is so adorable. My mom brought her over to spend the day and the girls were so excited. They drug the poor goat all over the yard and pasture with us. Here is Reagan excited about feeding the "Baby Goaty" a bottle.
Renna feeding the bottle...or attempting to.
We led her all over the yard. She came willingly most of the time. Of course both of the girls wanted to hold the rope.
The girls newest phrase is "hold it". That is what we heard all day while the goat was here. She was so tolerant of all the loving and snuggling.
This goat even rides golf carts!
Did I mention she loves wagon rides too? I think a baby goat may be in our future next year.
These are a set of twin goats at my parents house. We wanted to get a picture of the twins all together....this is the best we got.
A little fun time on the farm riding the four wheeler. This winter the girls developed a fear for loud noises and were not too excited about the four wheeler. They took a ride with their daddy recently and now they are cured. They love riding around on it, especially with their cousin Sara. Don't worry we don't go fast. So that is pretty much what we have been up to lately.


  1. I just love your precious girls!!! They are SO SWEET! They were so cute with Ally too! Ava is so pumped they will be at her party Saturday!! Can't wait to see you!!

  2. They are getting so big! What lovely little girls they are!