Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Belated Easter!

Here are a few pre-Easter pictures daddy took! He did a great job with our little mini-photo session. I was really pleased with the results; however, it is becoming increasingly harder to get a good picture of both girls looking the same way and smiling at the same time. Adam took over 600 pictures and this is the best one we got of both of them...amazingly enough it was one of the first pictures he took. Anyways, don't they look precious and grown-up in their Easter best?
Love this picture of my sweet Reagan so excited about the tulips!
This is my favorite one of Renna using her oh my face looking at a passing car.
Just had to post this one because the girls were walking holding hands! It has become a fun thing they like to do when we are out walking somewhere. How precious is that? They are certainly starting to really show their love for one another and serious concern when the other sister is not around. I just love it!! Don't get me wrong, they fight a lot too but overall they love each other a ton. We feel like they are so lucky to grow up together as little built in play friends!
The day before Easter we colored Easter eggs with Grammy and Papa and celebrated Easter with them. Reagan is proudly displaying her blue egg and blue hand! They really enjoyed their first time coloring Easter eggs. Thanks Grammy for letting us make such a mess. It was lots of fun.
Renna and Grammy coloring her eggs.
We next hunted the Easter eggs and surprisingly enough the girls really caught onto it. It was so cute because they had two very different styles of hunting their eggs. Reagan so thoughtfully stopped to open each one and examine the contents before moving on with a little prodding. It was really sweet to see her take so much time with each one.
Here they are with their baskets, if you notice Renna's is full and all the eggs are still together. Reagan's has a lot less eggs and all of hers are open with the contents spilling out!
Renna's egg hunt strategy was to rapidly put as many in her basket as she could. She really did a great job and kept dropping ones back down out of the overflowing basket. This system worked great because Reagan came along and proudly opened the dropped eggs! They are a perfect team!
This is Easter morning before church. My parents and my grandma came to go to our church with us. This was their first time coming to go to our church and the girls really loved it and so did we. Thanks so much for coming and sharing Easter with us. Church went well and we got to come home and eat at our house a nice home cooked meal that my mom made. It was a great day to celebrate our Savior's Resurrection.
Quick family photo before we walked out the door. So glad we got this quick shot since we managed to get no pictures of the girls opening their baskets that the Easter bunny brought.
A little Easter chocolate aftermath! After naptime we let the girls open and eat their very first individual chocolate and peanut butter bunnies. They were super excited about it. I guess the girls know when they have something good because they both cried for more when they were all gone. Anyways we had a very blessed Easter and loved spending time with both of our families. I guess you could say that our cup runneth over.

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