Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Team Laughin Twins March for Babies

We recently did our annual March for Babies and we had a beautiful day and a great turnout for our team. We had 22 adults, 15 kids in strollers, and two babies on the way in their mommies' tummies! Wow! We had an amazing group and we raised almost $1600! We want to thank all of our friends, family, and others who supported us by walking or by donating. Adam and I were very pleased with the results and feel like we are all working together to make a difference in the lives of many children who are born prematurely. This photo is of the girls playing right before the walk. They were so excited about the stickers and the pom poms being handed out. They were my little troopers and rode in their strollers the whole way without complaining.
I posted this one out of order but here are the girls at the end of the walk, exhausted and hot! My sweet little ladies are all tuckered out.
Quick family picture at the end of the walk.
Here is part of the team anyways. It was a little crazy at the beginning and we didn't end up getting a photo of the whole group this year. So if we missed getting you in the picture, sorry but we appreciate each and every one of you.
Amanda, Ava, Ally, Amy, Michelle, Frannie and Atticus walking.
Sonya, Darran, Natalie, Chandra, Sophia, Lilly, and my mom
The girls with their friend Paisley and her grandma, Dawn. Paisley's momma made a shirt that said Team Renna & Reagan for her to wear!! So cute. It gave me a great idea to make the girls some shirts to wear next year. We love that little girl...and her family too!
A group of us went to the park to each lunch after the walk. Here I am with my best friend Sonya, her daughter Natalie, little Sophia (my good friend Chandra's little girl), and my niece Sara.
I love this picture of the girls with their best friend Natalie. They have such a good time together...I look forward to many fun memories with them all playing together.
My friend, Michelle and her kids, Frannie and Atticus. Michelle and I have been through a lot together from high school to college and now babies! It is so fun to get to see our children play together now. I wish I could name everyone who walked with us and post pictures of everyone but we simply didn't get all the pictures I wanted. Just know we appreciated each and everyone of you and we cannot thank you enough for supporting Renna and Reagan and our cause! We are a very blessed family.

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