Wednesday, June 1, 2011

First Fishing Trip

For my birthday we went out to my parent's house for the girls first fishing trip. This was actually the same day as the march of dimes walk, so we had some tired girls since they didn't even nap. They loved every minute of it. They got filthy dirty, played in the red dirt, fished, watched frogs and turtles, road four wheelers, and of course ate cupcakes and ice cream! What a great birthday I had. The girls seem to like the fishing but mostly loved playing in the dirt with their cousins. You can see how dirty and sweaty they are here. But can't you see how much fun they are having? It was catch and release since our niece and nephew enjoy feeding the fish daily, but we still had a great time. Hopefully it is the first of many fishing trips in our future.Aunt Amy and Renna were great fishing buddies. You can kind of tell in this picture how much Renna looks like my sister, they have the same profile for sure. Aren't they a cute pair?

Reagan holding the pole and pointing out at the bobber.
Daddy fishing
Renna was very serious about the fishing for the first 3 minutes anyways!
Reagan getting a closeup look at Papa's catfish.
Uncle Ray with his prize catfish.
Sara, Gage, and Renna touching Papa's catfish.
Mommy and Reagan...the serious fisherwomen! I actually caught the biggest fish but the line broke when we got him up on the bank and he flopped back in...that sounds like a fishing tail doesn't it? No pictures=No fish
Papa teaching Renna how to cast a line!
Of course Grandma brought snacks. The girls have never eaten so good! I guess everything tastes better out in the great outdoors. It was a wonderful birthday and I was constantly reminded how blessed I am to be the mom to these girls and have such an amazing family.

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