Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Renna & Reagan are Two!!

About a week and a half ago our little ladies turned two! Where has the time gone? Everything seems to be going turbo speed. It is hard to believe these babies were such tiny little miracles only two years ago. They are at such a fun age right now, I just want time to stop for a little while so we can enjoy this stage. They are our little chatterboxes, talking constantly, laughing at each other, and even making up silly songs to sing!! I love seeing them become such good friends with each other. I often catch them hugging each other and holding hands. So rewarding to see. Renna is still a little shy around new people but is getting more outgoing everyday. She takes after her daddy in almost every way. She is very in to details and immediately notices when something is out of place and wants to fix it. They can now say most of the alphabet and can easily count to ten sometimes higher! Reagan is my little snuggler and definitely a momma's girl. She loves singing and any type of music makes her dance...I wonder who she gets that from? She is our little night owl and will stay up until 11 o'clock just singing and laughing. Such a happy girl.
We had a zebra party this year. It was a lot of fun for me decorating and dressing them up. I am sure next year they will tell me what kind of party they want, so I enjoyed one last year of primping them like princesses. Here the guests are just starting to show up and the girls were feeling a little overwhelmed. They soon warmed up and had a great time.
Our family picture with the cakes. I made the girls' name signs in the background.
Aunt Lindsay made the girls birthday cakes again. We were really impressed!! They looked amazing and tasted wonderful too. Thanks so much for making them Lindsay.
The girls playing outside on their new grill while daddy cooked for everyone. Thanks for the grill Grammy and Papa, it is a real hit. Here they are with their best friend Natalie and our friend Molly. They really had fun with their friends this year at the party.
Daddy hard at work grilling the food. Uncle Dustin looks very hungry!
Enjoying the cookout from the highchairs.
Opening presents was really fun. They got a ton of gifts. We want to thank all of our friends and family for coming and celebrating with us. The girls had a fantastic time.
We got the girls their first tricycles!! It has really been a hit....especially the music and buttons to push on the trikes. They have figured out to put their feet on the pedals but haven't been able to make it go using the pedals yet. Mommy is getting a good back workout pushing them.
Grandma, Papa, and MeMe got them their first bouncy horse. They absolutely love it. This was one of my favorite toys as a child so I love seeing them enjoy one too! Thanks!
The girls actually blew out the candles on their cakes! It was so cute. I was surprised that they understood what to do. Here is Reagan doing hers.
Renna blowing out her candles.
The day after the party the girls got to eat their own piece of cake and since they weren't in their special outfits I let them enjoy it and get it everywhere. My silly Renna cheesin it up for the camera.
My sweet Reagan with her cake face. Don't those brown eyes just melt your heart? I have enjoyed these last two years more than I ever knew I could. I don't think we could have asked for such special double blessings! God has far exceeded my expectations of how rewarding it is to be a mother. To see them so healthy and happy is the best gift anyone could ever give me. I love every second I spend with these little girls. Looking forward to many more memories and adventures in the Life with the Laughlins.

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