Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Roadtrip and a Rodeo

We recently took a road trip back to my hometown to see the annual rodeo. We went with my friends Amanda, Tanner, and their family. Amanda and I have been friends since preschool so it was so wonderful to see our daughters get to play and have fun together. Her parents were nice enough to let us all stay at their ranch house. Here are all the girls. Amanda, baby Ally, Ava, Renna, Reagan, and me. We were waiting for the big rodeo parade to start. The weather was pretty much 100 or over the entire weekend so you can see how sweaty we are. It was so fun to be back at my hometown for the first time in about 5 years. Adam and I enjoyed driving back to my parents land and seeing the spot where we got married. I wanted to show it to the girls but by some miracle they fell asleep in the car and I wasn't about to wake them. We enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks so much Tanner and Amanda for inviting us to come with you on this trip.
Reagan eating her first Tootsie Roll. They were throwing them at the parade and she was definitely a fan!
This is the only family picture we got the whole weekend. The girls weren't even looking...but at least we got some documentation of the girls seeing their first parade.
Watching the parade with Daddy.
Our three sweaty girls getting refreshed at Dairy Queen after the parade.
And that evening we went to the rodeo. The girls watched bits and pieces of the rodeo, but mostly they were hot and wanted to walk around. This is the face we got most of the evening...hot and wanting to do something else!
Renna watching intently...see they had their moments.
Reagan pointing at the bucking horses at the beginning of the rodeo. Her favorite part.
Here are the two mommies, very hot and tired at the end of the evening.
At the very end of the rodeo there were trick motorcycles. They did jumps and flips. Look how excited the girls are watching them. The motorcycles were the kids' favorite by far. Of course we take them to a rodeo and they get excited about the ATVs and not the animals!! I must admit I was pretty impressed myself.
Reagan loved watching the motorcycles with Tanner and Ava.
Here is the best picture I got of the whole outfit with the skirt and boots. This is Renna tired, no bows, and ready to go home. However, the boots have now become their favorite foot attire! We had a wonderful trip and cannot thank Amanda's parents, Ken and Karen, for allowing us to stay at their ranch.
And we survived our longest road trip with the girls (3hrs)!! Thank goodness for Elmo on the DVD player.It was a fun trip full of great memories that might become a yearly tradition for us.

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  1. What a fun weekend!! We loved every minute of it!! I'm so glad you guys were able to go with us!!! Can't wait til next year!!!