Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First OSU Football Game

We recently got to take the girls back to our college for their first college football game. Some of our friends gave us the tickets and we jumped at the chance to enjoy the game, the beautiful weather, and of course teach the girls our love for the OSU Cowboys!! Luckily the girls still fit into their hand me down cheerleading outfits from last year, so we were dressed and ready to cheer on the Cowboys. We also got to go eat at our favorite restaurant with some friends from college before the game.
Renna waiting patiently on her yummy pizza. She looks so big in this photo.
Quick family photo before the game. Reagan was less than thrilled about stopping for a photo.
The girls really loved the game. Their favorite part was Bullet galloping onto the field, Pistol Pete and the large cowboy hat, and of course the cheerleaders.
Our seats were beyond great as we were on the second row. However, I am pretty sure everyone around us looked at us like we might be crazy as we crawled over people with two year old twins! I am confident they were all thinking, "what were those parents thinking?" Reagan loved standing up and clapping at every opportunity. We cracked up because there was a very very loud fan sitting directly behind Adam and Reagan proceeded to tell him several times he was too loud!! Funny enough the guy was so loud he never even heard her. I love the frank honesty of children. She looks so excited in this photo.
Renna and I cheering on the Pokes! They both waved their little hands in the air like pistols and hollered Go Pokes. It was so priceless. Renna and I even got our pictures up on the jumbo tron at the game. Renna kept asking every two seconds "Where Bullet go? Where cheerweaders go? Pete take hat off?"
They got a restless at halftime so we let them run around a little down by the concession area. You can only ask so much for two year olds. And apparently Renna is on to the smell of popcorn because before she even saw any she started asking for some...of course we had to have some after that!
Daddy and his little cowgirls. Renna looks like she is sleepily rubbing her eyes here but our little night owls stayed awake all the way home and didn't go to bed until about 11:30! They actually still had a lot of energy when we got home. I guess they were just pumped up about their first football game...and the Cowboys win of course!
After halftime we moved to some higher up seats where it was less crowded. The girls were so cute because they wanted to sit in the seat together. Here are the sweet sisters sharing their goldfish with each other...I caught them at a good moment...they don't always share this well. The adventure was exhausting but a ton of fun and we made lots of great memories. The girls always want to play catch with the football now and now have the color orange down for sure!! Thank you so much Taylor family for the great tickets, we appreciate it more than you know. Lets Go Cowboys!

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