Saturday, March 17, 2012

Boats, Bulls, and Ballet

Well, February and the first half of March have been a blur. We had a lot of illness in Feb. with stomach bug, croup, 104 fevers, ear infections, and even me having pneumonia!! Ugh! Oh and Adam and I even managed to fit in a trip to Vegas for a Continuing Education conference and a little vacation for the two of us. We had a fantastic time but it was the longest we had ever left these sweethearts and we missed them so much. We wanted to say thanks to the grandparents for splitting up the time with them and watching them. The girls had a great vacation too and I am not sure they even missed us. Right now we seem to be doing better with only one ear infection currently. These little girls sure are tough and we are so happy to be soon entering spring so we can spend all our days playing outside. This picture is from Valentine's Day. We were just getting over an illness so we stayed home and made purple scrambled eggs and painted cards for the grandparents and daddy. It is so fun to see them starting to recognize the holidays and even look forward to them.
Showing off their hand print cards.
Love this picture of Reagan as her face lights up seeing stickers in her card. Stickers are a huge treat at our house as we use them as rewards when the girls take a "big girl nap!" This sometimes happen rarely but they go in cycles and the rewards seem to be helping.
Reagan doing her Valentine's card painting. I discovered that the highchairs work great to put them back in for art projects so I may be keeping them around a little longer.
Renna doing her artwork.
We recently took the girls fishing for their first time with their own poles and out on a boat. We took them last year on the bank but this time they seemed to be more excited so they got their own poles, life jackets, and we took daddy's fishing boat out to my parents pond. They had a great time. Here is Renna with her first fish she caught officially by herself. Daddy let her reel it in all by herself and she was so excited about it that she kissed the fish!! We have since taken them fishing one more time and Reagan also caught a big catfish.
First time out on Daddy's fishing boat. They really enjoy it, but after about 30 min-1hr out there fishing they are ready to get out and run. Not a great picture but we are all squinting into the sun. The girls touch all the fish and the worms and the minnows themselves. Reagan even sweetly said to one of the minnows as I was putting it on the hook " is okay little fish!"
We also went to Bullnanza with my family. This used to be an annual tradition with my family but we haven't been since the girls have been born so it was fun to start up this tradition again. Funny enough the first time my family met Adam was when we all went to Bullnanza in 2002...funny how much things change in 10 years! Here are all the cousins enjoying the bull riding show! They really were excited to see all the bulls and even wanted to go down and touch them.
Gage and Reagan having a loving cousin moment.
Renna & Papa

Reagan and Papa
We started dance class the first week in March. The girls love it! It is a pre-ballet class and they are loving every second. It is a 2 & 3 yr. old class and it is a hoot to watch. Renna is on the left and Reagan on the far right. This was the first class that we went to try out and now we have progressed to actually having real ballet shoes! Thanks for recommending it Amanda.
You can see Reagan really well here and Renna behind her in the mirror!! So proud of my little ballerinas. They are teaching them the proper ballet terms which they are surprisingly remembering. It is so priceless to hear them say the words as they dance around the living room.
Here are the girls before their first class. You can tell how excited they were!! Don't they look so grown up? Renna and her little bashful sweet smile.
Reagan doing her new excited face!!! This face makes my day! They ask everyday now if they can go to dance class and it is only once a week. Anyways that is our long catchup. I would like to say I will post more frequently but life always seems to get in the way and we are enjoying every second!


  1. Those last 2 pictures are the CUTEST!!!! I love them!!!

  2. Their hair is so long!

    I am impressed with the fishing, I don't think Nathan would have touched the worms or minnows! And the ballet pictures are adorable!