Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baby Chickens!

Let me begin by saying the girls have had RSV and double ear infections for the past two weeks! Having said that we might have been a little sleep deprived and made some crazy decisions!! After going to the doctor 5 times in 11 days you tend to get a little loopy! Anyways when the girls were feeling so sick we decided to take them to a short trip to a store close to our house to see some baby chickens! I am sure you can guess how the story goes. We did discuss before going in that we may be open to the idea of bringing home a few...we came home with six baby chickens!! The plan was to keep them while they are little and then send them to live with my parents chickens...oh how plans can change! This is the girls loving on them when we got home.
Remember how much Renna loves chickens? She wants to play and hold them all the time. The girls even help me clean their pen everyday. This girl is a natural at holding and catching them! Maybe she will grow up to be a poultry vet!
Renna loves letting them sit on her lap!
Reagan is obsessed with these little princesses and she insisted on bringing them out to show the chickens! It was so cute because she sat there and talked to the chick and said "See the princess, its okay!" So precious! I think the chicken was a little interested.
Our little brood of Rhode Island Reds! Great looking chickens aren't they? Too bad we don't know if they are hens or roosters! We may have a surprise if Henryetta starts crowing like a Rooster!!
Reagan giving one of them a kiss. They all now have names and colored bands on their legs so we can tell them apart!
Playing with them in the garage the first day.
A little fun in the sun!
Reagan playing in the grass with the chicks. You have to look closely but they are there. They love to run around the yard with us pecking and eating bugs! They really have been good pets so far.
Since you likely know where this story is going, we decided to keep the chickens since we live on an acreage and have room for them. Yep!! We are suckers!! But we are really excited to have fresh eggs sometime in our future. So Adam is hard at work on building a handy chicken coop that we can move around the pasture. Renna is his little helper. Here is Daddy teaching Renna how to measure.
Adam's building process can take a lot longer with two two year olds helping! Since taking all these pics we actually purchased two more baby chickens today! Crazy I know. I will say it was all Adam's idea. We read up and realized we bought some that weren't pre-sexed so now we bought two that we know are going to be hens...hopefully! So we will keep you posted on our little chicken farm. It may be smaller than we think if we have more roosters than hens. Let us know if anyone knows anyone in the market for some roosters. I will post the finished pics of the coop when it is all done. Off now to clean the chicken pens! Did I mention how awesome they are at catching bugs? They are amazing. I must leave you with a list of the now 8 chicken names....Whitey, Peep, Peck, Thomasina, Henryetta, Cocci, Halle, and Whoopi!! The last two are the new Barred Plymouth Rock babies!

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  1. Oh my gosh they just keep getting cuter and cuter! I love the princess and he chickens!!