Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First day of Pre-School!

 We had a huge milestone this week...the girls went to their first day of Pre-school!! Ahh!! I cannot believe I am even writing that.  Where has the time gone?  I cannot believe they are three and actually old enough to go to school.  I have been so blessed to be able to stay home with these girls and have and continue to enjoy every minute.  With much thought we decided to put them in the pre-school program at our church one day a this week was the day!! I will work and see patients during the hours that the girls are in school.  I am so blessed that my work schedule allows me to do that as well.  Anyways so I woke the girls up early and we had our usual cheesy scrambled eggs and toast.  The girls were very excited to go even though I am not sure they knew what they were going to be doing.
 Cheesin it up at breakfast.
 Then after we got all ready I had to have a little photo session!  Thanks for making the cute sign grammy!  Renna was excited about her backpack and did not want to take it off.
 On our way out the door....(this one is a little out of order).
 A few photos...look how grown up they look here!  They of course wanted to wear dresses for their first day of school.  I let them and so I am sure next week it will be a battle to get them to just wear comfy clothes!

 Seriously?? More pics mom? Let's go!
 We made it to school early so I could do more pictures...I am a crazy momma!  What can I say? They are my only babies and they have only stayed with grandparents so this was a huge day for us all!
And off we went...they held hands of course.  Look at their sweet horsey backpacks.  Thanks aunt Amy for getting them for us and Amanda B. for monogramming them!  They worked great!  So Daddy met us at school(church) to see them off and we took them to their room.  They hugged us and walked right in and started playing!! Yeah!!!  They didn't even look back which was excellent because I immediately started was like the tears had been threatening all morning and then they just wouldn't stop!  I am just so glad they didn't cry or it would have been a total meltdown and I may not have went through with it.  They had a great day.  They said they played, colored, went to music class, saw puppets, ate, and played more! Sounds like a great first day to me.  They of course did not nap during nap time but the teachers said they laid down and rolled around!  That sounds about right to me...that is often what they do at home during naptime. The teachers commented about how sweet they were to each other and shared so well! I am glad they at least did that at school...they have such a special bond that they calm each other in new situations.  Anyways we all survived our first day and hopefully next week will be less tears but I make no promises.  So happy and blessed to see these ladies doing so well but it does make this momma sad that it is all happening so fast.  More pictures to come of our 3yr. old photo shoot and the girls' first Lil Tap and Hip Hop class!!  What a busy week it has been!

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