Thursday, September 20, 2012

Lil Tap & Hip Hop Class

 We recently switched from ballet to tap and hip hop class!  The girls watched a tap class after their ballet class this summer and haven't stopped talking about getting tap shoes.  So this semester we decided to switch then let them decide which one they want to do.  This is the first day of class getting ready in our dance clothes! They were so excited to use their tap shoes and even more excited because they are taking the class with three of their friends: Natalie, Ava, and Molly.  These girls are my friends' daughters from OSU and high school.  It is so great to watch our girls become friends as well.  So far we are having a great time chatting during class and of course watching our little dancers!
 My beautiful dancers!
 Renna striking a pose.
 Reagan doing her dance pose before class.
 Here is Natalie (my best friend Sonya's little girl) and the girls primping in the mirror before class.  They are all three certainly becoming little ladies.
 The three best friends, don't they look adorable?
 The girls with Molly too before class. I think Renna is starting to work on her jazz hands here!
 Renna, Reagan, and Ava (little Ally in the background...such a sweetheart).
 Half-way through class they put on tennis shoes and do hip hop!  I must admit it is pretty hillarious to watch them dance to the hip hop music.  I tried to ask them which one they liked best and they said "I like Tap.  I like Hip hop!"  So there is your answer!  I must admit I can't wait until recital time this year.  The class we took last year when they were two was a non-perfomance class but this year they will do the recital.  Exciting!
 I wanted to post a few pics of the girls at the dance store getting their shoes.  We went and got them with Natalie and Sonya and lets just say those three girls were the wildest I have ever seen them.  I am pretty sure the dance store lady was ready for us to leave.  They had so much fun tapping around it was a little hard to discipline them...they were so excited!!
 Our three dancers posing on their own I might add!
Last picture...mommy had to buy a new dance leotards since I actually found two on the clearance rack!! That never happens so it must have been meant to be! So they were eager to pose in those too.  We are doing great here.  The second week of school went great, still no napping but they had a good time and mommy had an easier time leaving them. It is funny because I always give them 100 questions about what they did and all they will say is they played, colored, and sang!  I guess that about sums it up!  More pictures to come of our adventures at the State Fair!

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  1. I ALWAYS love to read your blog about these girls. They are so pretty and talented!