Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Girls Came Early

Reagan and Renna

Most of you know our little twin girls decided to come unexpectedly on June 11 at only 28 weeks of gestation. I guess they couldn't wait any longer to meet us. It all happened so fast and within four hours of arriving at the hospital the girls were both here via emergency c-section. So we welcomed our little ladies with so much excitement and fear all at the same time. They are Renna Ann Laughlin whose is affectionately called Baby A, she weighed 2 lbs. 15 oz. and is 15 inches long. Reagan Kate followed one minute after and is our little Baby B, weighing 2lbs. 10 oz. They are both still in the Neonatal ICU but are hanging in there. They sure are tough little girls! We have had our share of ups and downs with problems as they try to incubate in the NICU, but overall we have been very blessed that they are doing so well. We are creating this blog to keep everyone updated on their progress. This is my very first attempt at blogging so be patient with me. We want to thank everyone for all of their prayers and the outpouring of love and support we have had from friends, family, and people we don't even know. God has definitely blessed us in many ways. We will keep everyone posted on their progress and our trials. Please continue the prayers.


  1. I'm so proud of you Mendy! Your first blog looks fantastic!!! I will be praying for Renna this morning (and Reagan too of course). Please keep us posted on how she does with surgery. We love you all SO much!!

  2. We love you all so very much, you are all in our prayers constantly. They are tough as a little pair of boots...God is truly great. What little miracles they are. All our love and prayers,
    Janice, John, Jesse, Joni and Jacki

  3. Way to go Mendy. I'm impressed that you know how to do this blog thingie. Looks great.

    From Renna and Reagan's Papa.

  4. This is fabulous! I am praying for your sweet little girls. We love you all lots and want you to call whenever you need a visitor or a friend to chat with.

    Rusty, Chandra and Lilly

  5. Our prayers are truly with you as we went throught this 22 years ago with our twin boys. Charlie and Michael were born at 30 weeks, weighing in at about 3 lbs ea. They are strapping young men now: Michael, a Mech. Eng. major at TX Tech, and Charlie, Senior Acct major at Oklahoma Christian. All that OXYGEN makes smart brain cells. Hang in there! GREAT times are ahead:) Love, Janie Baucum (Janice's sis-in-law)